Forensic analysis – scene evidence


REPORT DATE: 11/2/2020

Andrew Needham, FTEE
Cynthia J. Markert, CLPE
Jackson Laboratory
Jackson, MS 39205
601-987-XXXX (FAX 601-987-XXXX)

Analysis: Latent Print Examination; Trace Evidence Examination

Case #: 004651-29J-2020

Case Description: Frederick Miller death investigation

Investigative Agency: Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong

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004651-03: One (1) pin with target and engraving "1-st"


  • No identifiable fingerprints were recovered. Additional analyses are ongoing.

004651-04: One (1) piece of chewing gum, chewed


  • Chemical analysis revealed the ingredients to be consistent with Nicorette® brand chewing gum. Additional analyses are ongoing.

004651-05: One (1) partial footprint


  • Partial shoe tread pattern is consistent with a Champion® brand athletic shoe. Additional analyses are ongoing.

004651-06: One (1) knit hat, black and white


  • Two (2) hairs were recovered from the interior of the hat.
    • Hair 1 measures approximately 15.25 inches in length and is dark brown in color.
    • Hair 2 measures approximately 2 inches in length and is light brown in color.
  • No material suitable for DNA testing was recovered from either sample.

004651-07: One (1) compound bow


  • One (1) full latent fingerprint and one (1) partial latent fingerprint were recovered from the outer grip of the bow. Neither of the prints has been identified.

004651-08: One (1) work glove, left hand


  • Yellow grain leather industrial work glove, size large. Dark stains on the glove are consistent with motor oil.

004651-21: One (1) 27-inch Victory brand Buck Buster carbon arrow with an 85-grain G5 Montec broadhead tip


  • One (1) full latent fingerprint and three (3) partial latent fingerprints were recovered from the arrow shaft. None of the prints have been identified.
  • Arrow shaft has a custom engraving of the number "10".
  • One (1) hair measuring approximately 8 inches in length and dark brown in color was recovered from the arrow's fletching. DNA and other analyses are pending.


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