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New Information for Detectives

Blood ABO typing

Samples of human blood found at the crime scene were submitted for ABO blood typing.

Coroner's report

Preliminary report from the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office on the autopsy of Philip Fontaine.

Karen Lewis bio

Karen was Philip's loyal secretary for most of her adult life.

Karen Lewis interview

Philip's longtime secretary told the detectives about his relationships with his family, friends, and enemies.

Will Sands bio

Will has been bartending in Oxford for years and knows most of the town's secrets.

Will Sands interview

The detectives talked to a local bartender who knows all the Yoknapatawpha County scuttlebutt.

Bruno Coleman bio

Bruno's rivalry with Philip Fontaine began when they were co-workers as young men.

Bruno Coleman interview

The detectives brought in Bruno, one of Philip's business competitors, to discuss their longstanding conflict.

New Information for Officers

Kenny Ross bio

Currently serving time for a narcotics distribution conviction, Kenny is an occasional resource for investigators.

Kenny Ross interview

The detectives met with an inmate to get more information on the Fontaine family.

Gerald Archer bio

Gerald has worked hard to become an indispensable resource to the wealthy and powerful.

Gerald Archer interview

The detectives spoke to Philip's banker to learn more about the Fontaine business and personal finances.

Javier Montoya bio

Javier has been Philip's business and personal attorney for many years.

Javier Montoya interview

The detectives asked Javier what legal matters Philip was involved in when he died.

Benito Flores interview

The detectives wanted to get Benito's response to the allegations made about him.

Benito Flores bio

Benito and his girlfriend moved to Yoknapatawpha County in hopes of better job prospects.

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New Info for Detectives

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