Identifying suspicious visitors

Miss Zina said that she'd noticed suspicious activity at the unoccupied Jennings residence across the street from her house, and the Kudzu Kids decided to investigate to find out if it had any connection to the missing dogs.

They decided to apply invisible fluorescent theft detection powder, which Dr. Lamar taught them about at CSI camp, to some strategic locations outside the house to find out who's been visiting the Jennings place lately.

Kudzu Kid Melody explains theft detection powderInvisible fluorescent theft detection powder is really cool!

Once the powder has been applied, you can't see it with the naked eye, and you can't feel it when it gets on your skin.

But whenever someone touches an object that has theft detection powder on it, the powder sticks to their skin and also gets transferred to anything else they touch after that.

To detect the presence of the powder, you just shine an ultraviolet light on anywhere you think it might be — skin, countertops, clothing, anything. If the powder is present, it will glow brightly under the UV light.

Later, we're going to look for the powder in some places we think it might show up. Hopefully, it will tell us who's been visiting the vacant house across from Miss Zina lately.

While Rachel and Zach stood lookout,

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Emma and Melody applied the powder to an exterior door knob.

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Then all four of them worked together to spread the powder all over the doormat.

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Since the coast was clear, they made time to take a few selfies before they left.

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