The Kudzu Kids set up shop at the neighborhood clubhouse to meet with the owners of the missing dogs.

The Wilson were eager to tell Rachel and Zach about their dog, Taz, who has some special needs.

Rachel McGowan: (Looking at Taz’s missing dog poster) Sorry to hear about Taz. Has anyone contacted you?

Lawrence Wilson: No. Unfortunately, no, and I’m very worried.

Zach Burgess: Why, Mr. Wilson?

Lawrence Wilson: Taz is enthusiastic and loves people, but he can be a handful.

Kiki Wilson: He was a challenge. That’s why we adopted him.

Zach Burgess: From the shelter?

Kiki Wilson: Yes. We adopt the “hard to adopt” ones. Older dogs. Neglected and untrained dogs. That was Taz. Neglected and untrained.

Lawrence Wilson: But sweet. Very sweet and friendly.

Rachel McGowan: He must be very special to you. Your reward is very generous.

Lawrence Wilson: He’s a special dog. He doesn’t hear well. And he’s very rambunctious.

Kiki Wilson: But he’s very smart. We were training him with hand signals. And music.

Zach Burgess: Music? How would you train a dog with music?

Kiki Wilson: Now this comes straight from Naomi at the shelter. She swears by this method, so don’t laugh. We sing a special song to him.

Lawrence Wilson: Unfortunately, our neighbors are not so enthusiastic about this method.

Zach Burgess: Have they complained?

Lawrence Wilson: Well, not in so many words. But the night he got away, I sang it up and down the street. I heard some windows shut as I passed.

Rachel McGowan: How do you think he got out?

Lawrence Wilson: I’d let him out to run around a little before bed. He went toward the front, and I was calling him, but he didn’t come. I didn’t worry about it too much until after a few minutes when he didn’t come running back. It’s my fault.

Zach Burgess: Why do you think that?

Lawrence Wilson: We had a perimeter collar on him to train him not to leave the yard. I didn’t activate it. I thought he’d be OK. I was right there at the back door. The neighbors are pretty upset about it.

Zach Burgess: Were they close to the dog, too?

Kiki Wilson: No. They're upset because “we failed to put proper precautions in place.” Isn’t that what he said, honey?

Rachel McGowan: Which neighbors do you mean?

Lawrence Wilson: The Youngs. David has been so frustrated with us, he actually made a scene at Andy Osborne’s last barbecue. He yelled at me that I was “reckless and cheap for failing to install proper security equipment.” I was so embarrassed, I joked back, “I have a big, unruly dog. That should count for something.”

Rachel McGowan: I hope you get Taz back very soon. He sounds amazing.

Kiki Wilson: Thank you. He is.

Rachel McGowan: Be sure to let us know if you get him back. And if you do, we’d sure like to meet him.

Lawrence Wilson: Absolutely. Thank you for your help.

Zach Burgess: They seem awesome. I don’t get why that guy was so mad at them because they lost their dog.


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