Code Violation

Woman dead on the ground with blood on face; police tape covers it.

A construction worker found the body of an unidentified young woman.

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Peter Pane interview

Detective Armstrong finally caught up with the victim's brother.

Peter Pane bio

Peter is the victim's brother and lives in nearby Memphis.

Status report

This report summarizing investigative activities on April 21–26, 2022, was added to the case file.

Canvass – Proud Larry's employees

Did the Proud Larry's staff see the victim at their establishment the night she died?

Anil Virani interview

Detective Armstrong talked to the victim's eulogist after the services.

Victim laid to rest

The Oxford Weekly Planet reports: Funeral services held for Kelly Woods murder victim

About the current investigationConstruction workers found the body of a partially nude woman near their building site.

The victim, who could not be identified at the scene, was apparently the victim of foul play.

Who is this mystery woman and why did someone want her dead?

Examine the evidence and solve the case.

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The Code Violation investigation began on Monday, April 25, 2022, and will run for about eight weeks.



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