What happened?

Man with a dark beard and mustache

Investigation Day 1

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a death at a remote lodge in Yoknpatawpha County where an independent film was being made.

Investigators found photos of the cast in a press kit for the movie.

Back at the station, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to the lead actor in the film, who claimed at the scene that he killed Dalton Kimbrough.

Then they spoke to Dalton's girlfriend and lead actress about the events surrounding her discovery of his body.

Next up, the detectives questioned the man who called 911 and protected the scene.

As Detectives Armstrong and Murphy continued to make their way through the cast and crew of Dalton's film, the novice actor who played the movie's villain was next on their list.

Then Professor Woolworth shared some interesting theories on why the cast and crew stayed at the lodge even in trying conditions.

Later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed the preliminary list of evidence collected at the scene and a map showing the lodge's location relative to the City of Oxford.

Investigation Day 2

While the Oxford Weekly Planet told Yoknapatawphans about the murder, the detectives reviewed some of the evidence collected from the lodge, starting with a synopsis of the movie they were filming.

Then they took a look at the background information they had on the victim and the first scene of his script.

They also reviewed a key portion of the journal Dalton kept about the making of the movie as well as some voicemails Johnny left for his wife while he was at the lodge.

Then they went to talk to Dalton's ex-girlfriend, who was also a member of the film's crew.

Before their next interview, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed some more papers found in Dalton's effects including an email message and a contract related to the film's production.

A little while later, Johnny came in to talk to the detectives about his experiences on the set.

Afterward, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy went to see the film's producer to find out more about his relationship with Dalton, the cast and crew, and the movie.

Then the detectives sat down to go over some additional evidence in the case including the magazine article Johnny mentioned, another scene from Death to the Revelers, and an untitled video found at the lodge.

They also read another section of Dalton's journal and a letter found in that journal.

Investigation Day 3

The next morning, the detectives watched another short video found in the editing room and reviewed what fellow investigators found out when they spoke to patrons at the bar Johnny mentioned.

That afternoon, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy traveled to Parchman, Mississippi, to talk to an old friend of Dalton's.

When they got back, they took another look at that short film they tried to discuss with Rob.

Investigation Day 4

Bright and early, the detectives spoke by phone with the man who owns the lodge where Death to the Revelers was being filmed.

Later, the coroner's office sent over a preliminary report on Dalton's autopsy with more details about his injuries.

Investigation Day 5

When Detectives Armstrong and Murphy were reading another portion of the Death to the Revelers script, they noticed part of it had a familiar ring.

Near the end of the day, the Crime Lab sent over their preliminary findings on evidence collected at the scene.

Investigation Day 6

The detectives made an unexpected trip the next morning, culminating in another challenging interaction with Rob.

After setting the wheels in motion to follow up on Rob's claims, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy took a look at the final scene of Dalton's script.

Investigation Day 7

While waiting for responses to their inquiries to come in, the detectives asked Kayla to meet with them so they could find out more about some information that had come to their attention.

Then they talked to Gwen again to see if her story matched Kayla's.

Investigation Day 8

As the information they were waiting for arrived, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy took steps to pursue a lead that arose out of the previous day's conversations.

That afternoon, they finally got a chance to talk to the elusive woman who caused a stir when she visited the film set. A subsequent search for evidence uncovered some items of potential interest.

Investigation Day 9

Investigators were able to put together some information about the mysterious Darrell Beck.

Later the same day, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy got the report they'd been waiting for, and the Oxford Weekly Planet shared the news with the community.