Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001985-19D-2020
Case Description: Dalton Kimbrough homicide investigation

Yoknapatawpha County sheriff's investigators worked with the Marshall County Sheriff's Department to obtain and execute a search warrant at the Heartsong Collective in Holly Springs, Mississippi, where Cheyenne Wyoming had been staying.

The following items were taken into evidence and submitted to the State Crime Lab for rush analysis.

Collected from Cheyenne Wyoming's quarters at the Heartsong Collective

  • 001985-81: One (1) silver lamé minidress
  • 001985-82: One (1) red feather boa
  • 001985-83: One (1) Smith & Wesson 36LS 38 Special revolver
  • 001985-84: One (1) 24" leather cord, knotted, strung with one metal key
  • 001985-85: One (1) pair of women's twill pants, blue, with reddish-brown stains
  • 001985-86: One (1) women's long-sleeved shirt, green, with reddish-brown stains
  • 001985-87: One (1) pair of women's athletic shoes, black, with reddish-brown stains


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