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New Information for Detectives

Monte Marcos video

Following his interview with the detectives, Monte Marcos turned over a video he shot.

English department canvass

Investigators spoke to everyone in the Ole Miss English department about the victim, Douglas Reed.

Monte Marcos interview

The detectives interviewed Dr. Reed's teaching assistant about the victim's workplace and personal relationships.

Monte Marcos bio

Monte came to Ole Miss to study English, especially his father's favorite author, Faulkner. 

Laurence Bricker interview

Detectives interviewed Dr. Bricker after hearing that he and Dr. Reed did not get along.

Laurence Bricker bio

Dr. Bricker is a professor in the same department as Douglas Reed.

Nora Percy interview

The detectives asked Nora about Douglas Reed and her relationship with him.

Nora Percy bio

Nora is a professor in the Ole Miss business school.

New Information for Officers

Crime scene photos

CSU provided a collection of photographs from the Douglas Reed crime scene.

YCCC evidence inventory

CSU submitted this preliminary inventory of evidence collected from YCCC Meeting Room 10.

Tate Moore interview

An employee of a local business made a shocking discovery on their premises.

Amadeo Peralta interview

A YCCC employee described what he saw the night before the body was found.

Canvass – YCCC employees & guests

Investigators canvassed YCCC employees and guests for witnesses to anything unusual.

Professor found dead

The Crime Beat reports: Dr. Douglas Reed slain at conference

Andrew Carlson interview

The detectives asked Dr. Carlson about his connection with the victim and the conference.

Andrew Carlson bio

Andrew Carlson is a world-renowned expert on William Faulkner.


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