Investigating Officer(s): Det. P. Beckwith, Det. J. Magee
Incident No.: 001077-08C-2021
Case Description: Daniel Collier missing person investigation

YCSD investigators downloaded the data on the GPS tracker found in the trunk of Daniel Collier's vehicle (Evidence #001077-V51). The data set includes tracking information for the dates December 15, 2020, to January 3, 2021.

Many of the trips have the tracker traveling from Daniel Collier's residence to Daniel’s work or other routine local destinations.

The trips below represent the anomalous travel routes and the dates they occurred.










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Vincent and Sharon both say Daniel was gone by Jan. 2nd when they returned from Bible study, but GPS data indicates Daniel's car was still at the residence so they have some splainin to do. But there is a third party involved...

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