Morris Case Timeline


Investigators used witness statements and other evidence to create a timeline of Courtney Morris's and the witnesses' activities on Saturday evening, October 10, 2020, and on Sunday, October 11, 2020.

If witnesses provided conflicting times, both accounts are included in the timeline.

As new information becomes available, times may be adjusted and additional times may be added.

Saturday, 10/10 6:00 PM Courtney tells Justin she isn't feeling well and he should go to the movie without her (estimated time) Justin Landry  
Saturday, 10/10 6:30 PM Mee-Yon Kim arrives at Courtney's apartment

Phyllis Roy

Saturday, 10/10 7:00 PM Mee-Yon and Courtney go to dinner and shopping for baby clothes (estimated time) Mee-Yon Kim  
Saturday, 10/10 7:15 PM Justin Landry arrives at the Malco Theatre (estimated time) Justin Landry  
Saturday, 10/10 7:25 PM Total Recall starts at the Malco Theatre Malco Theatre
Saturday, 10/10 9:30 PM Justin Landry leaves the Malco Theatre after the movie ends (estimated time) Justin Landry  
Saturday, 10/10 10:00 PM Babies"R"Us closes in Tupelo

Mee-Yon Kim

Saturday, 10/10 10:0 PM Phyllis Roy goes to bed

Phyllis Roy

Saturday, 10/10 11:00 PM Mee-Yon and Courtney get back to Oxford Mee-Yon Kim  
Saturday, 10/10 12:00 AM Mee-Yon and Courtney part company

Mee-Yon Kim

Saturday, 10/10 - Sunday, 10/11 overnight Phyllis Roy calls Craig Albright about a man causing a disturbance

Craig Albright

Phyllis Roy

Sunday, 10/11 7:30 AM Phyllis Roy sees Courtney shaking her rugs

Phyllis Roy

Sunday, 10/11 8:30 AM Courtney gets flowers (estimated time)

Phyllis Roy

Jenna Mayne

Sunday, 10/11 8:45 AM Courtney's mystery man, Douglas Talbot, arrives (estimated time)

Phyllis Roy

Douglas Talbot

Sunday, 10/11 9:00 AM Phyllis Roy's grandson Dylan arrives for a visit

Phyllis Roy

Sunday, 10/11 10:30 AM Douglas Talbot leaves Courtney's apartment

Douglas Talbot

Sunday, 10/11 11:00 AM Justin Landry visits Courtney at her apartment.  Justin Landry


Sunday, 10/11 lunchtime Justin Landry arrives as Phyllis Roy's grandson Dylan leaves.

Phyllis Roy


Sunday, 10/11 12:00 PM Justin Landry leaves Courtney's apartment to go to a football team meeting. (estimated time) Justin Landry  
Sunday, 10/11 12:30 PM Justin Landry leaves Courtney's apartment (estimated time, if "lunchtime" = 12:00 PM)

Phyllis Roy

Sunday, 10/11 3:30 PM 911 call

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with the label 'Incident Report'



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