Young woman with brown hair and big hazel eyes

Jenna Mayne interview

Monday, October 12, 2020 – 4:00 p.m.

Jenna Mayne works part-time for Mother's Garden florist shop at 2138 Jackson Avenue West, Oxford, MS.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her at her apartment near the Ole Miss campus.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Jenna Mayne

Detective Murphy: Good afternoon, Ms. Mayne. Thanks for making time to talk to us this afternoon.

Jenna Mayne: No problem. My schedule's open for the next couple hours.

Detective Murphy: Perfect. Could you just state your name and address for the record?

Jenna Mayne: Yeah. I'm Jenna Mayne. I live at 91 Jeff Street, Oxford.

Detective Parker: Do you have a job, Ms. Mayne?

Jenna Mayne: Could you call me Jenna? You're kind of freaking me out.

Detective Parker: Sure. So do you have a job, Jenna?

Jenna Mayne: Yeah, I work at Mother's Garden.

Detective Parker: What do you do there?

Jenna Mayne: Mostly deliveries because I have a car. Sometimes I work in the shop when there aren't many deliveries.

Detective Parker: Did you work yesterday?

Jenna Mayne: No, we don't do deliveries on Sunday.

Detective Parker: Is the shop open on Sundays?

Jenna Mayne: Yeah, but I don't work then.

Detective Murphy: You didn't do any work yesterday?

Jenna Mayne: Oh, you're talking about that guy, right?

Detective Murphy: What guy?

Jenna Mayne: This dude came in Saturday afternoon, wanted roses delivered Sunday morning early. But like I said, we don't do deliveries on Sunday. That's what Terry told him.

Detective Parker: But?

Jenna Mayne: But he offered me cash if I'd do it anyway. I'm going to turn down 50 bucks for less than an hour of work? I don't think so.

Detective Parker: That's a lot of money for delivery flowers.

Jenna Mayne: I know, right? But this dude, he's rolling in cash. What's 50 bucks to him? But to me? Yeah, I'm doing it.

Detective Murphy: So you know him?

Jenna Mayne: I don't know him know him. I just recognize him from the shop. You'd think if he was going to throw money around like that to impress chicks, he'd spend it on something that lasts longer than flowers, but what do I know? The chicks he's sending them to must dig it. He keeps coming back and buying more.

Detective Parker: Where did you deliver the flowers on Sunday?

Jenna Mayne: Maplewood Apartments, #102.

Detective Parker: Have you delivered flowers to that address before?

Jenna Mayne: Oh, yeah. Lots of times. Not on Sundays, though.

Detective Parker: When usually?

Jenna Mayne: I don't know. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, like that.

Detective Murphy: How often have you seen the person who gets those flowers?

Jenna Mayne: I've never seen her. The instructions are always to put the flowers in front of the door, knock, and take off. I mean, doing it like that, if no one's home, someone could steal those flowers, but the man wants what he wants. He's paying the bill, so I do what he says.

Detective Parker: Is that what you did on Sunday?

Jenna Mayne: Yeah, man. Except for the Sunday thing, it was just like all the other times. Except…

Detective Parker: Except what?

Jenna Mayne: Except I don't usually see the guy sitting there in his car.

Detective Parker: You saw the man you were delivering flowers for?

Jenna Mayne: Yeah, man. He was just sitting there in his big, fancy car. I thought he was checking up on me to see if I really delivered the flowers like he wanted.

Detective Murphy: Did you speak to him?

Jenna Mayne: No, he looked away when I looked at him, so I figured he didn't want me to know he was watching. Whatever. I did what he wanted. He could see that. I didn't need to talk to him.

Detective Murphy: What kind of car was it?

Jenna Mayne: I don't know much about cars. Me, I got a clunker. This dude has a nice car. Shiny. Fancy. Four doors. Blue. What else do you want to know?

Detective Murphy: Do you know the make or model?

Jenna Mayne: No clue.

Detective Murphy: Did you ever talk to this man before Saturday?

Jenna Mayne: Not really. Just, "Hi, how ya doing?" Like that.

Detective Murphy: Do you know his name?

Jenna Mayne: Mr. Douglas is all I know.

Detective Murphy: And he never approached you about anything else other than that Sunday delivery?

Jenna Mayne: What do you mean?

Detective Parker: Did he ever hit on you?

Jenna Mayne: Oh. No, that's not my bag. He seems like a nice guy, but he's not my type if you know what I mean.

Detective Parker: So you delivered the flowers. You knocked on the door. You went back to your car. You saw the man. Then what?

Jenna Mayne: Then nothing. I came back here and went back to bed. It wasn't even 9:00 yet. Who gets up that early on a Sunday?

Detective Parker: You.

Jenna Mayne: Well, yeah, because the dude paid me to. But normally? No way.

Detective Parker: Okay. Thanks for your help, Jenna.

Jenna Mayne: Yeah, man. I didn't really do anything, but whatever.

Detective Murphy: Jenna, before we go, do you know Courtney Morris?

Jenna Mayne: The chick who got killed? No. I mean, I know about her now 'cause she's been on the news and all, and I know she went here, but I never knew her.

Detective Murphy: All right. Thanks again for your time. We'll be in touch if we have any more questions.

Jenna Mayne: Yeah, whatever you need.

Interview ended – 4:16 p.m.



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