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Morgan Prescott interview

Monday, July 22, 2019 – 6:20 p.m.

The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department contacted the local authorities in New Sarpy, Louisiana for assistance in locating Morgan Prescott.

Deputy David Montaigne of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Department visited the Prescott residence in New Sarpy. He went there to interview Mr. Prescott and, pursuant to a Judge's Order, impound Mr. Prescott's Chevrolet Silverado for forensic examination in the Monica Drum homicide investigation.

The St. Charles Sheriff's Department was already familiar with Prescott, as he has been arrested on several occasions on such charges as public intoxication, urinating in public, drunk and disorderly, disturbing the peace, and simple battery.

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Department provided this transcript of the interview.


  • Deputy David Montaigne
  • Morgan Prescott

Deputy Montaigne: Mr. Prescott? I'm Deputy Montaigne from the Sheriff's Department. I'd like to talk to you about your pickup truck.

Morgan Prescott: What about it?

Deputy Montaigne: Do you think I could come inside to talk about this?

Morgan Prescott: What for?

Deputy Montaigne: I just thought we might be more comfortable.

Morgan Prescott: I'm plenty comfortable right here.

Deputy Montaigne: Okay, then. About your truck. Do you still have the blue and white Silverado?

Morgan Prescott: Yeah.

Deputy Montaigne: Is that it over there?

Morgan Prescott: No, that's my other blue and white Silverado.

Deputy Montaigne: Spare me the sarcasm, Mr. Prescott. Where did you get that truck?

Morgan Prescott: Why?

Deputy Montaigne: Because, Mr. Prescott, that's what I want to know. We can always conduct this interview down at the Sheriff's Office if you prefer.

Morgan Prescott: I got the truck from Dave.

Deputy Montaigne: What is Dave's full name?

Morgan Prescott: David Ledford.

Deputy Montaigne: How do you know him?

Morgan Prescott: You mean other than the fact I got my truck from him?

Deputy Montaigne: Yes, that's what I mean, Mr. Prescott. Did you know this David Ledford before you bought his truck?

Morgan Prescott: I never said I bought his truck.

Deputy Montaigne: How did you get it then?

Morgan Prescott: He gave it to me.

Deputy Montaigne: Oh, really. He just up and gave you a truck?

Morgan Prescott: No, he gave me some cash too.

Deputy Montaigne: How much cash did he give you?

Morgan Prescott: Why do you need to know that?

Deputy Montaigne: Mr. Prescott, I'm not with the IRS. I just want to know how much cash he gave you.

Morgan Prescott: Don't try to bullshit me. You government people are all in it together.

Deputy Montaigne: I'm not interested in your conspiracy theories. How much cash did Ledford give you?

Morgan Prescott: Two grand.

Deputy Montaigne: What did you give him?

Morgan Prescott: What makes you think I gave him anything?

Deputy Montaigne: Mr. Prescott, I seriously doubt David Ledford gave you a pickup truck and $2,000 out of the goodness of his heart. Now, what did you give him?

Morgan Prescott: My old pickup truck.

Deputy Montaigne: What kind of truck was that?

Morgan Prescott: Ford F350.

Deputy Montaigne: What color?

Morgan Prescott: Red.

Deputy Montaigne: And when did this little transaction take place?

Morgan Prescott: Last week sometime.

Deputy Montaigne: Can you be more specific?

Morgan Prescott: Not really. I guess it wasn't a Dear Diary moment.

Deputy Montaigne: Mr. Prescott, I've already warned you about the sarcasm. Now, did you know David Ledford before you did this truck swap with him?

Morgan Prescott: Yeah.

Deputy Montaigne: How did you meet him?

Morgan Prescott: Down at Papa Doe's, like most everyone else I know.

Deputy Montaigne: How long have you known him?

Morgan Prescott: Couple months, I guess.

Deputy Montaigne: When was the last time you saw him?

Morgan Prescott: A week ago, maybe.

Deputy Montaigne: Do you know where he is at present?

Morgan Prescott: No.

Deputy Montaigne: How would you characterize David Ledford?

Morgan Prescott: I don't know. He's like me, a guy who likes to hunt and fish and drink. What else is there?

Deputy Montaigne: Did David Ledford ever talk to you about his past? About what he did before he moved here?

Morgan Prescott: No.

Deputy Montaigne: What did you talk about?

Morgan Prescott: Hunting, fishing, drinking, women.

Deputy Montaigne: Did you talk about any women in particular?

Morgan Prescott: His wife. My ex-wife. Some of those tasty Kardashian babes.

Deputy Montaigne: I see. Any other women?

Morgan Prescott: I don't know. Maybe.

Deputy Montaigne: Is there anything else you can tell me about David Ledford?

Morgan Prescott: No.

Deputy Montaigne: Okay. Well, Mr. Prescott, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but we're gonna have to impound your vehicle.

Morgan Prescott: What the hell? You're not taking my truck!

Deputy Montaigne: I'm sorry, but we are, pursuant to this Judge's Order. Here's your copy of the Order.

Morgan Prescott: I don't give a shit about your goddamn paperwork. What the hell do you want with my truck?

Deputy Montaigne: This truck may have been involved in the commission of a felony in Mississippi. We're impounding it for forensic investigation. Most likely, the vehicle will be returned to you when the investigation is complete.

Morgan Prescott: Great! What the hell am I supposed to do in the meantime?

Deputy Montaigne: I'm sure I don't know, Mr. Prescott. The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department in Mississippi may be contacting you if they need more information. If you have any questions, here's my card. You can contact me down at the Sheriff's Office. You have a nice day now.

Morgan Prescott: Oh, yeah. I'm having a great day!

Interview ended – 6:39 p.m.



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