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New Information for Detectives

Puckett phone records

Detectives Beckwith and Magee reviewed calls on the Puckett residence phone.

Birdie Tarver interview #2

The detectives had some more questions for Birdie in light of new information.

Search – Birdie Tarver

YCSD investigators searched Birdie's residence for evidence in the Hoyt Biffle homicide investigation.

Search – Alden Puckett

YCSD investigators searched the Pucketts' residence for evidence in the Hoyt Biffle homicide investigation.

Chas Laughlin interview

The detectives tried to find out what, if anything, Chas knows about all this.

Chas Laughlin bio

Chas has spent a lifetime living by his own rules.

Coded notebook

Investigators are working to decipher handwritten text in a notebook found in Biffle's residence.

Forensics – crime scene

The crime lab provided preliminary findings on evidence collected from the crime scene.

New Information for Officers

Coroner's report

The Coroner's Office provided a preliminary summary of the Biffle autopsy findings. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Sofia Summerset interview

The detectives spoke to Don's assistant about what Don told them.

Donovan Walker interview

The detectives visited Birdie's boyfriend to ask about his and Birdie's relationships with Hoyt.

Donovan Walker bio

Don's life has always followed an unconventional path.

Search – Kenny Ross

YCSD investigators searched Kenny's residence and vehicle for evidence in the Hoyt Biffle death investigation.

Kenny Ross interview #3

The detectives pressed Kenny for more information about some missing items.

Wyatt Yancey interview #2

Detective Beckwith spoke to the other recently evicted housemate.

Shiloh Bates interview #2

The detectives had some follow-up questions for Shiloh.




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