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New Information for Detectives

Handwriting analysis

The lab provided preliminary findings on the handwriting the business card found at the scene.

Shoeprint analysis

The lab examined marks on the victim's clothing and provided preliminary trace evidence analysis findings.

Fingerprint analysis

The crime lab provided their preliminary fingerprint analysis findings from the Martinson crime scene.

How did Martinson die?

The Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat blog comments on the Martinson homicide investigation.

Liam Sanford interview

The detectives talked to Liam about his family's relationship with Pastor Martinson.

Liam Sanford bio

Liam grew up in the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church but stopped going last year.

Gideon Horner interview

The detectives asked Reverend Horner what Pastor Martinson might have been worried or upset about.

Gideon Horner bio

Reverend Horner has been a pastor in his wife's hometown of Oxford for nearly 20 years.

New Information for Officers

Emmett Sanford interview

Detective Armstrong talked to Emmett about his relationship with Pastor Martinson.

Emmett Sanford bio

Emmett's 15-year marriage broke up after he admitted to a brief affair.

Canvass – Martinson neighbors

YCSD investigators canvassed the Martinsons' neighbors for potential leads in Pastor Martinson's murder.

Evidence inventory

CSU submitted this preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the Martinson homicide scene.

Zina Jacinto interview

The detectives talked to Zina, a familiar face from a recent investigation.

Zina Jacinto bio

Zina is a longtime active member of the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church.

Deirdre Littleton interview

The detectives asked Ms. Littleton about her connection to Pastor Martinson.

Deirdre Littleton bio

Recently divorced from her husband of 15 years, Deirdre lives alone with her teenage son.


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