Jason Riley interview

The detectives met with Fay's boyfriend to find out what he knew about the victim.

Jason Riley bio

After a troubled early adolescence, Jason was sent to Oxford to live with an aunt.

Kemp financial summary

YCSD investigators obtained a summary of Joey Kemp's financial status.

Canvass – Littleton / Sanford neighbors

YCSD investigators spoke to Deirdre and Liam's neighbors for information about them and their whereabouts.

Justine Osborne interview

The detectives asked Justine about her reported relationship with former church member Emmett Sanford.

Justine Osborne bio

Originally from Jackson, Justine settled in Oxford to care for an ailing family member.

Red Dolly interview

The detectives asked Joey Kemp's boss about his employment history, job description, and workplace performance.

Deirdre Littleton interview #2

The detectives spoke to Deirdre again to find out more about her history with Pastor Martinson.

Lynette Martinson interview #2

The detectives asked Lynette about the things Rev. Horner mentioned were troubling her husband.

Zina Jacinto interview #2

The detectives asked Zina about allegations of financial misconduct related to church donations.

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