Large man in a red ministerial robe with a while stole trimmed in gold

Gideon Horner is the minister at Trinity Church in Oxford

Large man in a red ministerial robe with a while stole trimmed in gold

The detectives talked to the minister at Cindy Fine's church about Cindy and her marriage.

Woman with short red hair and glasses standing in front of a red brick wall with birdhouses and other decorations nearby

The detectives talked to Dudley's mother about his activities the weekend Andy Fine was killed.

Excerpt of a satellite map showing the body location

Investigators added newly relevant locations to the map for the Andrew Fine investigation.

Breakfast of coffee, orange juice, bacon, eggs and toast

Investigators spoke to restaurant employees and patrons who were there the night of July 3rd.

gloved hand holding a laboratory swab

The lab provided updated findings on evidence in the Andrew Fine homicide investigation. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with a label 'Search Warant'

The detectives obtained a warrant to search the vehicle registered to Andrew and Cynthia Fine.

Man with brown hair, mustache and goatee

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy tried to talk to Andy's brother again. It didn't go well.

Photo collage of six dark-colored SUVs

Witnesses who saw a dark SUV were asked if they could identify the vehicle from a photo array.

Investigators asked witnesses who saw a dark SUV to try to identify it from a photo array.

In memory of
Oxford's cultural ambassador
and friend of the site, Ron Shapiro,
we present his final appearance
in a Crime Scene case.

Man with long dark hair wearing a straw hat and red shirt

RIP, Ronzo
1944 – 2019

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