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Lester Waterson interview

The detectives spoke to the maintenance man at Oxford Ridge apartments where the Fines live.

James Thurston interview

The detectives spoke to the resident manager at Oxford Ridge Apartments, where the Fines live.

Lisa Holman interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to Johnny Reagle's ex-girlfriend about Johnny and about Andy Fine.

Lisa Holman bio

Lisa grew up in Baton Rouge and moved to Oxford with a boyfriend

News video

The local news reports live from the crime scene.

Body identified

The Crime Beat reports: Authorities ID the body found on Reagle Farm Road.

Farmhouse evidence map

Investigators mapped the locations where evidence was found in the Reagle Farm Road farmhouse.

Farmhouse search

The detectives obtained a warrant to search a house on Reagle Farm Road.

Cindy Fine interview

The detectives spoke to Andy Fine's wife to get more information about his life and disappearance.

Cindy Fine bio

Cindy grew up in Oxford and married Andy Fine, a boy she'd known since childhood

In memory of
Oxford's cultural ambassador
and friend of the site, Ron Shapiro,
we present his final appearance
in a Crime Scene case.

Man with long dark hair wearing a straw hat and red shirt

RIP, Ronzo
1944 – 2019

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