Dark-haired man with a mustache and goatee

Friday, July 23, 2021 – 9:40 a.m.

Ned Fisher was arrested for the murders of his father, Wayne Fisher, and Robert Pruitt.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him in the presence of his attorney, Robert Hawkins, at the Yoknapatawpha County Detention Center on the day after his arrest.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Ned Fisher
  • Robert "Bob" Hawkins, Esq.

Detective Armstrong: Looks like we got ya, Ned.

Ned Fisher: Yeah, whatever you say. You got nothing.

Detective Murphy: Mr. Fisher, for our records, would you please state your name and address?

Ned Fisher: Ned Fisher. 2584 College Hill Road.

Detective Murphy: And, sir, you are?

Bob Hawkins: Bob Hawkins, representing Mr. Fisher.

Detective Murphy: So tell us what happened, Mr. Fisher.

Ned Fisher: Y'all busted down my damn door. That's what happened! Dragged me down here. I don't know why.

Detective Armstrong: We didn't bust down your door, Ned. We knocked, and you answered. Don't go making stuff up now.

Detective Murphy: How about if we tell you that you're being charged with the murder of Robert Pruitt?

Ned Fisher: That's what this is all about? How in the hell was I supposed to kill someone? It was my daddy that got killed, remember?

Detective Murphy: I do remember. You're being charged with his murder too.

Ned Fisher: What? That's—

Bob Hawkins: Mr. Fisher…

Detective Armstrong: Here's what I think. I think you and your daddy were up to no good. Y'all went around, spraying Raid on a few cockroaches and termites just so you could case some nice houses. Y'all did that to the Pruitts and then broke in.

Ned Fisher: We did no such thing!

Detective Murphy: Then what was your father doing at the Pruitt residence?

Ned Fisher: I don't know.

Detective Murphy: Your dad didn't even know the man, supposedly, but yet he's hanging out over there, just watching the game with his friend, the lawyer. Is that what you're telling us?

Ned Fisher: Why not? Could be. I don't know everything he did.

Detective Murphy: Come on. You can do better than that.

Bob Hawkins: My client has already said that he does not know why his father was at the Pruitt residence. Please move on in your questioning.

Detective Murphy: No problem. So, Mr. Fisher, you and your dad had been at the Pruitt house before. We know that from the paperwork and from Mrs. Pruitt. We know that you, specifically, knew that the Pruitts were supposed to be out of town.

Ned Fisher: I don't know nothing about that.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Pruitt said she talked to you. The phone records will verify it.

Bob Hawkins: Is there a question here?

Detective Murphy: Take it easy, Mr. Hawkins. Your client knows all this, don't you, Mr. Fisher?

Ned Fisher: I don't know anything about this.

Detective Murphy: The evening of the Rib Cage Street Party, you and your father took the Fisher Pest Control van over to the Pruitts' home. You had a key to the house that you got your hands on during your previous work there. You went in—

Ned Fisher: You don't know what you're talking about.

Detective Murphy: You went in, and you got busy, but it didn't turn out like you planned because Mr. Pruitt was at home, even though you thought he was going to be gone.

Ned Fisher: Is that what you want me to say?

Detective Armstrong: It's real simple, Ned. Just go ahead and tell us what happened. I mean, we could sit here playing footsie all day and wasting everyone's time, or we could just go home and watch TV or something. Come on now. Give us what we need, and this can all be over.

Ned Fisher: I can't tell you what I don't know.

Detective Murphy: The gun that we recovered from your truck matches the weapon that killed Robert Pruitt. The ballistics information is completely clear. You can keep denying things, but it's not really going to do you any good.

Bob Hawkins: Say nothing, Ned.

Detective Murphy: You don't have to. That's your right.

Detective Armstrong: Nope, don't have to. The gun that killed Robert Pruitt was found in your pickup. How did it get there, Ned?

Ned Fisher: For all I know, you planted it.

Detective Armstrong: Your dad surely didn't walk to the Pruitts'. He used a vehicle, say… maybe a van. How did that van get removed from the scene, and how did that gun get into your truck?

Ned Fisher: I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: Sure you do. We all do. You drove the van away from the scene, and you put the gun in your pickup. There's no other explanation any reasonable person could believe. That must mean that you were present at the time.

Ned Fisher: How did you even get this job when you're so wrong all the time?

Detective Armstrong: Like we said, you broke in to rob the Pruitts. He surprised you, killed your dad, and then you shot him and ran. It's really very simple. Tell us. Is that how you did it?

Bob Hawkins: Do not answer that question, Ned.

Detective Murphy: It's easy to understand. You see your father shot, and you snap. Anyone would. So you pull out your dad's gun and shoot Pruitt. We can all understand how that could happen. In the same position, I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing.

Ned Fisher: So now I'm supposed to think you understand me and just agree with you and everything will be okay?

Detective Murphy: Look, Mr. Fisher, I'm not an attorney, and Mr. Hawkins will advise you on the best course of action for you, but I've been a cop for quite a while now, and I'll give it to you straight. I think your best shot at this point is to just tell us the truth about what happened. That's going to give you the best chance of not spending the rest of your life in prison or, worse, ending up on death row.

Ned Fisher: I'm not saying anything.

Detective Murphy: You should. Was there someone else involved with you? Did someone send you to the Pruitt home that night? Did they tell you to kill Robert Pruitt, or were they just hoping you would?

Bob Hawkins: Detectives, my client is not going to answer any more questions. You can keep hounding us here, or you can go home and be with your families, and we'll work all this out in the trial.

Detective Armstrong: If that's the tack you want to take, that's your choice, Fisher. Ballistics don't lie. Your attorney is right. I'm going home and enjoy my kids and grandkids. You have a nice life in your jail cell.

Interview ended – 10:07 a.m.



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