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Richard Landrigan bio

On a bright May morning in 1969, Richard Dean Landrigan was born to Richard Sr. and Deanette Landrigan. It was the 14th day of the month when the 8 lb. 6 oz., 21-inch long baby burst into the world two weeks early.

Deanette told friends she was so glad he was early because she had feared a Caesarian would have been required if he'd had two additional weeks to gain more weight.

Richard was a handful as a baby. He always wanted to be held, and he would scream until he got what he wanted. After his first birthday, he began to entertain himself a little and didn't need the constant company of his mother. He would still check every ten minutes or so to make sure that she was close by.

His childhood years were generally happy. Throughout school, he was an average student, preferring to focus his efforts on Junior Achievement projects instead. He treated JA as his business school, knowing that he would never be able to afford to go to college.

While in his senior year of high school, Richard started working in the laundry department at a local nursing home. He worked his way up the ladder and was the assistant manager by the time he was 24 years old.

A few years later, he applied for the manager's position at Yoknapatawpha Acres, another nursing home in Oxford. The management group was impressed with his drive to cut costs and maximize profits while still providing quality care. After three interviews and loads of paperwork, he was hired.

Richard still maintains the handful of close friends he grew up with. He married his high school sweetheart, Tina Young, and they have three children: Dean, 29, Denver, 21, and Daisy, 17.





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