Santa's Slay

What happened?

Investigation Day 1

When Jackson Walker didn't show up for work after being out sick, the co-worker who went to check on him found him dead and called 911. After Detectives Murphy and Parker examined the scene, they asked the co-worker to tell them what brought him to Jackson's home that morning.

Investigators spoke to Jackson's neighbors and members of his immediate family to find out more about what had been happening in Jackson's life lately.

That evening, the detectives caught up with Jackson's other brother, Joshua.

The Oxford Weekly Planet told the community about the mysterious death.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, CSU sent the detectives a preliminary inventory of evidence collected at the scene.

Then Detective Murphy and Parker went over to the university to talk to Jackson's boss and his co-workers.

After lunch, the detectives sat down with Jackson's friend Sylvia to learn more about him and their relationship.

While other investigators went to talk to Sylvia's co-workers, Detectives Murphy and Parker visited one of Jackson's neighbors.

Late that afternoon, the detectives got their first look at Jackson's call and text records for the weekend he died.

Investigation Day 3

Detectives Murphy and Parker talked to a local bartender to find out if he knew anything about Jackson or the people in his life.

Meanwhile, YCSD investigators tried to corroborate the whereabouts of people close to Jackson on the weekend he died, including his brother Josh, his friend Sylvia, and his co-worker Adam.

Late that afternoon, the detectives received a preliminary report from the crime lab and an interesting phone call from the coroner's office.

Investigation Day 4

The following morning, Detectives Murphy and Parker met with Jackson's brother Josh again.

Then they asked Jackson's co-worker Adam and his friend Sylvia to come in again to answer some open questions.

That afternoon, the detectives got a warrant to search one of their suspect's residences. Some evidence discovered there led them to get another warrant to search an additional suspect's residence.

Investigation Day 5

When the crime lab sent over the preliminary report on the search evidence, Detectives Murphy and Parker made a plan to finally get the truth from their suspects.

Investigation Day 6

The first suspect denied knowing anything about the other suspect or how Jackson died. The second one did the same until hearing about some of the evidence compelled an admission that didn't surprise the detectives but wasn't enough to make an arrest … yet.

So Detectives Murphy and Parker went back to the first suspect to get their response to the second one's admission. Then they asked the second suspect if they wanted to comment on the other one's claims.

Later that afternoon, the Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat let the community know how it all played out.