On Wednesday and Thursday, February 14-15, 2001, Detectives Murphy and Armstrong interviewed the staff at Southern Beauty hair salon, where the victim also worked.

The witness statements provided below are in summary and not verbatim and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Cardiff, M

Melanie Cardiff
544 N 9th, Oxford

Cardiff said she had known the victim since high school, although they weren't that close. Cardiff said, "the whole town knew about her bad taste in men, that was no secret."

When asked for more details, Cardiff said, "I don't really know what was going on with her life recently, but I remember when she and Steve Kirby broke up in high school. There were a bunch of people who wondered if Steve wasn't the father of that baby instead of Roger."

When asked about the incident with the woman at the salon, Cardiff responded authoritatively. "Oh yeah," she said, "that was Steve Kirby's wife, Maureen. Her maiden name's Silver."

Cardiff said she doesn't know the details about what the confrontation might have been about, but speculated that "it probably had something to do with Steve. Everyone knew that Maureen had to snare him, and he didn't really love her. I'm sure she's feeling insecure about Steve and Missy."

When asked if she knew of any reason Maureen Kirby would be concerned about her husband's recent relationship with the victim, Cardiff said she had not heard that Steve Kirby and Missy Hammond were involved again just prior to Hammond's death, but "everyone always thought they would get back together one day."

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