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We met a descendant of General Shegog

The Kudzu Kids visited Mrs. Shegog at her home in Oxford

Mildred Shegog interview

The Kudzu Kids found Mildred Shegog, a descendant of the Civil War general, currently living in Oxford

Mildred Shegog biography
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From the Oxford Weekly Planet archives — Oxonian Mildred Shegog wins Ms. Senior Mississippi

Shegog wins pageant

The Kudzu Kids found a family tree in a Shegog family Bible in the attic

Shegog family tree

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 8 — We found a lady living here in town who's related to that Civil War general, Nathaniel Wallace Shegog.

Mrs. Shegog let us come over and talk to her, and she even let us look through the general's old things up in her attic.

We found out more about General Shegog from the library and his papers

The Kudzu Kids did some research to find out something about General Shegog

General Shegog biography
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The Kudzu Kids found a poem General Shegog wrote in Mrs. Shegog's attic

General Shegog's poem

The Kudzu Kids found General Shegog's journal in Mrs. Shegog's attic

General Shegog's journal

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 8 — We found some of General Shegog's papers in that trunk in Mrs. Shegog's attic.

Some of the stuff was boring, but his journal and this poem he wrote looked kind of interesting.

We tracked down that phone number from Prof. Lowry's trash

The Kudzu Kids tried to talk to Ole Miss student Kevin Stark

Attempted Kevin Stark interview

The Kudzu Kids found an image of an old map that Kevin Stark scanned in the computer lab

Hand-drawn map

The Kudzu Kids found an 1861 map of the University of Mississippi campus

1861 campus map

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 9 — We found out that phone number belongs to an Ole Miss student, Kevin Stark.

We tried to talk to him and later saw him on campus.

We were pretty surprised when we discovered what he was doing.

Gramps found some new info to help us

Rachel asked her grandfather for help with a few more questions

Rachel's video message

Gramps replied with some answers to Rachel's questions

Gramps emails a reply

The Kudzu Kids got a copy of a memo Professor Lowry sent to the tenure committee

Prof. Lowry tenure memo

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 10 — Even though we're both out of town (in different places), Grandpa and I are still investigating.

I sent him a video message to ask him some more questions. 

He answered me back pretty fast with some surprising news and a warning.

We're starting to put the pieces together

Rachel has been using her time away to review the evidence and figure out where the investigation stands

Rachel's case notes

The Kudzu Kids have been staying in touch with each other while Rachel's out of town

Kudzu Kids emails

The Kudzu Kids found a way to combine the map Kevin Stark had with the 1861 map of the University of Mississippi campus

Map combo

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 11 — Me and the other Kudzu Kids are starting to figure out what all these clues mean.

I made a list of what we've learned so far. 

Hunter's keeping me up to date on what he and Mel and Zach are doing back in Oxford.

Zach figured out how to put the two old maps together

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