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We met a descendant of General Shegog

The Kudzu Kids visited Mrs. Shegog at her home in Oxford

Mildred Shegog interview

The Kudzu Kids found Mildred Shegog, a descendant of the Civil War general, currently living in Oxford

Mildred Shegog biography
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From the Oxford Weekly Planet archives — Oxonian Mildred Shegog wins Ms. Senior Mississippi

Shegog wins pageant

The Kudzu Kids found a family tree in a Shegog family Bible in the attic

Shegog family tree

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 8 — We found a lady living here in town who's related to that Civil War general, Nathaniel Wallace Shegog.

Mrs. Shegog let us come over and talk to her, and she even let us look through the general's old things up in her attic.

We found out more about General Shegog from the li...
We found out there are supposedly tunnels under th...


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