Dark-haired man with a round face and dark facial hair, wearing a baseball cap

Gus Heller bio

Gus Heller was born in 1986 to Ingo and Liesl Heller in Germany, where Ingo was an engineer with the Mercedes Benz corporation.

Gus had a typical childhood, playing soccer and a little basketball. From an early age, he showed promise in electronics, and when Ingo brought home the family's first personal computer, Gus was mesmerized. He shared this fascination with his best friend, Rolf Warner, and the two boys could often be found huddled together, discussing the inventions they would create together that would make them both rich.

In 2001, the Heller family immigrated to the United States, where Ingo Heller took a job with Boeing. By this point, computers took up almost all of Gus's time. He went through programming books and hardware manuals the way other kids devoured comic books.

Although Gus made many friends in his new country, he always remained in close contact with his best friend from Germany, Rolf. They often talked of when Rolf would come to the US and they would start a computer company together.

When it came time for college, Gus chose Georgia Tech, where he majored in engineering and computer science. After graduation in 2008, Gus stayed in Atlanta and worked as a software programmer and database architect during the day. At night, he focused on video games, exchanging daily suggestions and possible game ideas online with Rolf.

Finally, the two men thought they had the concept that would make them millionaires. They pooled their money, and Gus incorporated Heller/Warner in Atlanta. They immediately started the process of obtaining a work visa for Rolf through Heller/Warner, Inc. When the approval came through, they both quit their jobs to work on the game full-time, and Rolf came to America.

In recent months, the two men have been scrambling to bring their project to fruition. Financing has been challenging, and they often argued over money. With dwindling resources, the men arrived in Oxford, Mississippi, with their game's star, Lita Harrison, to scout Rowan Oak as a possible location for use in the game.



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