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Dale King interview #2

Friday, March 4, 2022 – 2:40 p.m.

Dale King was the assistant director of Oxtales Theatre when Andrea Stover was alive.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Dale King

Detective Armstrong: Thank you for coming in, Mr. King. Just for the record, would you please state your name and address?

Dale King: Dale King. 2162 S. Lamar. Just exactly why did you drag me back in here? I told you everything I could the last time.

Detective Armstrong: Well, sir, we've talked to several other people since you were here, and we just need to clear up a few things.

Dale King: Such as?

Detective Murphy: Well, for one thing, we'd like to hear again about the last time you saw Ms. Stover. When was that? And who, if anyone, was with her?

Dale King: I told you all that last time.

Detective Armstrong: Well, tell us again.

Dale King: The last time I saw her was at the studio when rehearsal was finished. She was talking to Owen Norris. And Henry was still around, I think.

Detective Murphy: Did you know where she was going after the rehearsal?

Dale King: I didn't know anything about her after rehearsal except what I heard on the news. That's when I found out she'd gone someplace with her friend Gretchen, then later to Oxford Centre.

Detective Armstrong: But you didn't know she was going to these places?

Dale King: No, I went out for a couple of beers with Frank and Sheila at Murff's. How hard is it to check that out?

Detective Murphy: This isn't about difficulty, Mr. King. This is about what you knew about Andrea's whereabouts that night.

Dale King: How would I know where the hell Andrea was? We weren't joined at the hip. In fact, we had very different interests.

Detective Armstrong: And after you left Murff's?

Dale King: I went home to bed. I have another job, you know. I had to be up. I was scheduled for the early shift at the Garden Center on Monday morning.

Detective Murphy: Is there anyone who can corroborate that, Mr. King?

Dale King: Oh, for cryin' out loud, detective. Normal, innocent people don't think about having an alibi for every little thing they do. If I'd known Andrea was going to get herself killed, don't you think I would have an iron-clad alibi?

Detective Murphy: Okay, Mr. King, calm down. We're just trying to get everything straight. Do you remember if Andrea was wearing anything around her neck that day at the rehearsal?

Dale King: Oh yeah. A necklace. She wore it all the time. When she'd get agitated, she'd grab it and just hang on to it or pull on it.

Detective Murphy: Can you describe it for us?

Dale King: I don't pay that much attention to jewelry. I think it was silver with a black stone in it. I asked her about it once, and she said someone special had given it to her, but she wouldn't say who. Didn't you find it after she died?

Detective Murphy: Why are you so interested in where the necklace is now?

Dale King: So you didn't! The plot thickens.

Detective Armstrong: We're investigating the death of a young woman here, Mr. King. It isn't a time for making jokes.

Dale King: Sorry. I'll try to respect the dead.

Detective Murphy: Tell us more about the company's potluck dinner that night. What did you take?

Dale King: I took dessert. The group always likes whatever I cook up for them.

Detective Murphy: What specifically did you bring?

Dale King: I did rhubarb squares. Two batches — one with pecans, one without for Andrea. She's allergic to nuts.

Detective Armstrong: Did anyone complain of not feeling well after the dinner?

Dale King: Are you insinuating that my cooking made people sick?

Detective Armstrong: No one insinuated anything, Mr. King. Do you think something you cooked made them ill?

Dale King: Don't be ridiculous. I'm an excellent cook. My cooking has never made anybody sick.

Detective Murphy: What about someone else's cooking? You weren't the only one who took food that night, were you?

Dale King: Well, That's more like it. Yes, there were several other dishes — a good curry, if I recall. Andrea brought a casserole, in fact. She was no great shakes as a cook, so maybe her food made people ill.

Detective Murphy: Did everyone eat the same thing?

Dale King: I didn't keep track of what everyone ate. People have different preferences. I doubt everyone ate exactly the same thing. Why do you ask?

Detective Armstrong: Did anyone complain of not feeling well after they ate?

Dale King: No. Not that I know of, although people were sure testy after dinner. I just thought they were tired and frustrated with the rehearsal.

Detective Murphy: Mr. King, you said you went home to bed after your drink at Murff's. Did you go straight home?

Dale King: Yes, I most certainly did.

Detective Murphy: What time did you leave Murff's?

Dale King: I told you that before.

Detective Armstrong: Well, tell us again.

Dale King: I left Murff's around midnight.

Detective Murphy: What time did you arrive home?

Dale King: I got home a few minutes later. It's not that far to my house from Murff's, you know.

Detective Murphy: Did anyone see you arrive at home? A neighbor, perhaps?

Dale King: No. I don't think anyone saw me, but you could talk to the neighbors. I have a pretty nosy neighbor on one side. She always seems to know what's going on. Mrs. Nesbitt at 2154 S. Lamar.

Detective Armstrong: So you didn't stop for gas or anything to eat, or send email, or talk on the phone?

Dale King: Oh yeah, I forgot. My brother in San Diego did call me. Rob. I can't remember if it was that night or the night before. It's two hours earlier on the West Coast, so it's not late for him. His number is 619-555-4109. He could probably tell you what day and time he called. Or his phone records could be checked, couldn't they?

Detective Murphy: They could.

Dale King: I already told you I didn't see Andrea after we left the rehearsal. Damn. I wish I'd made sure someone saw me. I keep telling you I wasn't near Oxford Centre that night. Why don't you believe me?

Detective Murphy: Take it easy, Mr. King. We just have a couple more questions, and then we'll let you go. When exactly did Owen Norris tell you he was giving the directorship of Oxtales back to Ms. Stover?

Dale King: It was in November, I think. I don't remember exactly when.

Detective Murphy: But it was before Ms. Stover was released from prison, I take it?

Dale King: You take it right. He called me in and just hit me with it. It was a shock, I'll admit.

Detective Murphy: You must have been furious after the good job you did with the group while she was incarcerated.

Dale King: Yeah, I'll admit I wasn't overjoyed. I couldn't believe Owen was going back to producing the senseless garbage Andrea staged over the tasteful and critically acclaimed— Oh, what's the use of talking about it. I got over it.

Detective Armstrong: What were you wearing the night of that last rehearsal?

Dale King: What do you need to know that for?

Detective Murphy: The sooner you answer the questions, the sooner you can leave, Mr. King.

Dale King: My God, that was days ago. I don't remember.

Detective Armstrong: Well, maybe we can simplify it for you. Did you wear a jacket or coat after you left the rehearsal and went to Murff's for your drink?

Dale King: Probably. It was a bit chilly that night, as I recall. I only have one winter coat, so I probably wore that.

Detective Murphy: Can you describe it for us, sir?

Dale King: I don't see what this is getting at.

Detective Armstrong: Just answer the question, King.

Dale King: All right, all right. It's a very dark blue or black. I never could decide which. It's sort of like a peacoat, I think they call them.

Detective Murphy: And you don't have any other jackets or coats?

Dale King: I have a couple of windbreakers, but I don't wear them at night when it's cold. And I have a down jacket.

Detective Armstrong: What color is that?

Dale King: Light gray.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, Mr. King, I think that wraps it up. Thank you for coming in. We'll be contacting you if we need any further information.

Dale King: Goodbye, then.

Interview ended – 3:06 p.m.


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