Sour-looking man with short dark hair

Rick Gill interview #2

Friday, July 16, 2021 – 12:30 p.m.

Rick Gill reportedly threatened Robert Pruitt, who represented Gill's ex-wife in their divorce.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke with him a second time at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Rick Gill

Detective Murphy: Thanks for coming in again. Would you give us your name and address for the record?

Rick Gill: Rick Gill. 805 College Hill.

Detective Armstrong: How was work today?

Rick Gill: Just fine. Why am I here?

Detective Armstrong: An investigation is not unlike cutting a lawn. You always overlap a little as you swing back, go over the same ground. Is there anything from our last interview that you'd like to retract?

Rick Gill: Retract?

Detective Armstrong: Maybe something you exaggerated or forgot to mention? It happens. Nobody has a perfect memory.

Rick Gill: I don't lie.

Detective Murphy: That's not exactly true, Mr. Gill. We can place you on Tyler Avenue on the same day as the murders. Seems strange you didn't mention that fact during our last interview.

Rick Gill: So what, I was on Tyler Avenue? There's probably less than a handful of streets in this town I don't drive down on a daily basis.

Detective Armstrong: Your ex-wife's lawyer doesn't live on all on them.

Rick Gill: So that's the big deal? What, you want me to have Ginny re-map my route, so I don't pass within a hundred yards of his property?

Detective Murphy: It just seems strange that you didn't mention you knew where Pruitt lived. We have to ask ourselves why.

Rick Gill: I didn't know.

Detective Armstrong: That's odd. I'm not some rich guy who can afford to have his lawn groomed. I cut my own grass. The one time I tried to wear a blindfold, I butchered the job. Of course, I'm not a professional like you.

Rick Gill: What are you talking about?

Detective Murphy: Here's a photograph of Pruitt's mailbox. I was standing on the neighbor's lawn—a lawn that you cut twice a month. Even in the picture, you can almost read the name. Detective Armstrong, you measured the letters, didn't you?

Detective Armstrong: They're an inch tall.

Detective Murphy: An inch? That is big. I'd imagine someone cutting the neighbor's lawn could read "Pruitt," and certainly, it's easy enough from the road. That's the whole idea. You don't wear a blindfold when you drive, do you?

Rick Gill: Of course not.

Detective Armstrong: So how do you explain not seeing the name on the mailbox?

Rick Gill: Maybe I did. Doesn't mean it was him. I never saw him there. That's for sure because that I would remember. I'd expect a blood-sucking lawyer to live in a mansion someplace. Besides, you have any idea how many people named Pruitt must live in Oxford?

Detective Murphy: Ten. Counting the man you hated. Why did you lie to us?

Rick Gill: I didn't lie.

Detective Armstrong: Sit down, Mr. Gill.

Detective Murphy: You withheld information. That doesn't look good during a murder investigation.

Rick Gill: I haven't done anything wrong.

Detective Armstrong: Knowing where the man lived isn't a crime. Just tell us the truth.

Rick Gill: I am. I didn't know Pruitt lived there. I've probably driven by where you live too. It's part of my job.

Detective Murphy: You love your children.

Rick Gill: Of course, I love them. What kind of question is that?

Detective Murphy: It wasn't a question. If anything came up while you had them for the weekend—maybe you have to cut some VIP's lawn—you wouldn't leave them alone in the apartment, would you?

Rick Gill: No way. What's Stella trying to pull?

Detective Murphy: Who do you call?

Rick Gill: For what?

Detective Murphy: To watch the children when you have to leave?

Rick Gill: I've never left them.

Detective Armstrong: But if you did, who would you call?

Rick Gill: I don't know.

Detective Murphy: You must have a neighbor or friend who would be good with them.

Rick Gill: Maybe.

Detective Murphy: It's hard for me to believe that you aren't prepared for an emergency. You're too responsible a parent.

Rick Gill: I'll deal with it when the situation when it happens.

Detective Murphy: How?

Rick Gill: Ask me after.

Detective Armstrong: So if we interview every person in Oxford who even appears to know you, we won't find anyone who watched your kids on July 9th or any other date?

Rick Gill: Right.

Detective Murphy: Where did you meet Wayne Fisher?

Rick Gill: I don't know any Wayne Fisher.

Detective Armstrong: You cut his grass? His neighbor's grass?

Rick Gill: You'd have to check with Ginny, the office manager.

Detective Armstrong: Your father was in the Navy.

Rick Gill: So?

Detective Armstrong: Is he the one who taught you to shoot? My father taught me.

Rick Gill: I don't own a gun.

Detective Armstrong: They're easy enough to borrow. Do you have plans to take your wife back to court?

Rick Gill: She made certain I couldn't afford the expense.

Detective Murphy: That must really grind you down. That and the part Pruitt played. He ruined your life.

Detective Armstrong: Is there anything you'd like to get off your chest?

Rick Gill: I want to leave.

Detective Armstrong: You sure about that? You want to leave us with unanswered questions?

Rick Gill: I want to leave.

Detective Murphy: Okay, then. Thanks for stopping in. We'll see you around.

Interview ends – 1:06 p.m.



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