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Christine Fisher interview #2

Thursday, July 15, 2021 – 4:45 p.m.

Christine Fisher is the ex-wife of victim #2, Wayne Fisher.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked with her again at her residence in Pontotoc, Mississippi.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Christine Fisher

Detective Murphy: Thanks for seeing us again today.

Christine Fisher: Well, goodness. You drove all this way again. Would you like a drink? Some water?

Detective Armstrong: No, thanks.

Christine Fisher: All right.

Detective Murphy: Please state your name and address once again for the record.

Christine Fisher: Christine Fisher, 25 East Marion Street, Pontotoc, Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: Thank you.

Detective Armstrong: Remind us what you do for a living.

Christine Fisher: I'm a receptionist at Dr. Moore's here in town. Right now, I'm working some shifts at Walmart too.

Detective Murphy: How do you feel about talking more with us about Wayne Fisher's death?

Christine Fisher: Well, fine. I want to help however I can. Although I'm wondering what else there is to say since we weren't exactly in touch.

Detective Murphy: How long had it been since you spoke with Mr. Fisher?

Christine Fisher: It must have been eighteen years or thereabouts.

Detective Murphy: But you knew about his life in Oxford?

Christine Fisher: A little bit, just what Ned told me.

Detective Murphy: Have you ever gone to visit?

Christine Fisher: No. Ned and Joel usually come to visit me. Oh, Joel's invited me, but if I went over there, I'd want to see them both, and that would be upsetting to Joel.

Detective Murphy: Why?

Christine Fisher: He and Ned don't exactly get along. It's foolish—I told them both I think so, but they don't listen.

Detective Armstrong: Why don't they get along?

Christine Fisher: I suppose it all goes back to the divorce. For a while, we tried to get along, keep up appearances, spend holidays together—but it was a disaster. We didn't mean for it to happen, but they took sides. Joel is so sweet, always wanting to protect me. I suppose Ned is more like his dad.

Detective Armstrong: When did Ned and Joel last see each other?

Christine Fisher: I don't know. I'm sure they could tell you. You've talked to them, haven't you?

Detective Murphy: Yes. We were just wondering what your recollection was.

Christine Fisher: Well, I suppose it was a while ago. More than ten years ago. Joel was just so mad at Wayne—and Ned by association, I guess. I told them it was foolish, but there's no changing either of them. They have that in common.

Detective Armstrong: Mrs. Fisher, would it surprise you to learn that your son Ned has a criminal record?

Christine Fisher: No. He was always a bit of a troublemaker. But please, don't think that means anything related to Wayne. Ned's just had such a struggle, is all. He would never hurt anyone.

Detective Armstrong: That's not what Joel tells us.

Christine Fisher: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. You have to understand—Joel is just so angry. He never understood Ned or Wayne. I think he was kind of jealous. You know, that they could be so careless. But that's all it is, is carelessness. Ned would never really hurt anyone.

Detective Armstrong: Well then, what about Joel? If he's so angry, could he have committed this crime?

Christine Fisher: No. Never. I'm sorry. I seem to be giving the wrong impression. He's angry, but he's a very gentle person. He loves his son. I look at him, and I'm proud to be his parent.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Fisher, we don't mean to upset you.

Detective Armstrong: It's just that neither of your sons can account for their time the evening of the crime, and we're trying to piece together what happened.

Christine Fisher: I understand. But you have to believe me—I can't imagine either of them doing something that horrible. I don't know what Wayne was doing in that house or why. The boys don't know either, I'm sure. Isn't that what they said?

Detective Murphy: When did you last speak with them?

Christine Fisher: Well, I saw Joel and his family at the end of May. It was Memorial Day weekend, and Delia had that Monday off. They came over here and brought all kinds of wonderful food. That Delia is an amazing woman. We had such a wonderful time, and Charlie is a blessing. They stayed all weekend, and then Joel called Monday night just to let me know they got home safe.

Detective Murphy: What about Ned?

Christine Fisher: He usually calls me the first Sunday of the month, so it must've been the beginning of July.

Detective Murphy: Do you recall talking with either of them last weekend?

Christine Fisher: I'm sorry. I don't remember exactly. Well, Joel calls me every Saturday and so we must have talked.

Detective Murphy: Did he mention anything about the murders?

Christine Fisher: No! I mean, why would he? There's no way he knew about it.

Detective Murphy: What about Ned?

Christine Fisher: I don't know. He doesn't call so much.

Detective Murphy: When did they find out about their father's murder?

Christine Fisher: I don't know. They both called when they found out— well, when y'all found out it was Wayne. They both called, and I talked with Ned about making arrangements.

Detective Murphy: What about Joel?

Christine Fisher: He called. He did. We just talked for a few minutes. He was very quiet and calm.

Detective Murphy: When was that?

Christine Fisher: I don't remember exactly. I don't really feel comfortable— didn't you ask them what they did already? I don't want to answer for them. You'll have to ask them directly.

Detective Armstrong: It's okay, Mrs. Fisher. We're simply trying to establish a timeline.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Fisher, did you see Ned or Joel last weekend?

Christine Fisher: No.

Detective Armstrong: What would you say if later it was proved that they did this?

Christine Fisher: I couldn't believe it. It's absolutely untrue.

Detective Armstrong: Did you kill your ex-husband?

Christine Fisher: No.

Detective Armstrong: Do you own a gun?

Christine Fisher: No. Me? I don't believe in that stuff. Too dangerous.

Detective Murphy: What about your ex? Did he have a gun, maybe leave it with you when you split up?

Christine Fisher: No way. Those things are valuable. I'm sure he would've taken it with him if he had one.

Detective Murphy: Your sons never borrowed a gun from you?

Christine Fisher: No. I told you I don't have one. And my boys, they would never hurt people. Please, you have to believe me. They're both good boys.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Fisher, we may need to come back and talk with you again. How do you feel about that?

Christine Fisher: If you need to, I'll be here.

Interview ended – 5:17 p.m.



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