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Phyllis Roy

Thursday, October 15, 2020 – 12:21 p.m.

Phyllis Roy was Courtney Morris's neighbor and had a good view of the comings and goings at Courtney's apartment.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her a second time at her residence at the Maplewood Apartments.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Phyllis Roy

Detective Murphy: Hello, Mrs. Roy. Sorry to drop in on you like this, but we were in the neighborhood. We're not interrupting your lunch, are we?

Phyllis Roy: Oh, not at all. Come in. Come in. Is there some news? Have you found out who killed Courtney?

Detective Murphy: There are a few things we'd like to talk to you about. Do you mind if we record this conversation?

Phyllis Roy: Oh, no. You go right ahead and do what you need to do.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. And could you just tell us your name and address for the record?

Phyllis Roy: I'm Phyllis Rand Roy, and I live here at the Maplewood Apartments, #103. Can I get you ladies something? Some iced tea? A slice of cake?

Detective Murphy: No, thank you, Mrs. Roy. Don't go to any trouble. We'll only take up a few minutes of your time.

Phyllis Roy: Well, all right, but you let me know if you change your minds. And please call me Phyllis.

Detective Parker: The last time we talked, Phyllis, you were telling us about someone who was yelling outside the building the night before Courtney died. Remember that?

Phyllis Roy: Of course. Things like that don't happen around here too often.

Detective Parker: Do you remember about what time you heard the person?

Phyllis Roy: Oh, it was late. When I was younger, I might not have even heard something like that, but I'm such a light sleeper these days.

Detective Parker: So what time would you say that was?

Phyllis Roy: Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know. I didn't think to look at the clock.

Detective Parker: What did the person look like?

Phyllis Roy: I didn't really see him. I just peeked out the window for a moment. I didn't want him to see me.

Detective Parker: What did you see?

Phyllis Roy: He was just yelling and pacing around.

Detective Murphy: Male? Female? Young? Old?

Phyllis Roy: Male and young.

Detective Murphy:  Short? Tall? Fat? Thin?

Phyllis Roy: I'm not sure. Medium?

Detective Murphy: Did you see what color hair he had?

Phyllis Roy: I don't know. It was dark, and I only looked for a moment.

Detective Murphy: Did he seem at all familiar to you?

Phyllis Roy: Familiar? No.

Detective Parker: And what did you do when you heard this person?

Phyllis Roy: Well, I waited a few minutes. I thought he might go away on his own. When he didn't, I called Craig.

Detective Parker: What did you think Craig would be able to do?

Phyllis Roy: I thought he'd encourage the boy to go home, get some sleep. And he did too. The boy got quiet right after I called him.

Detective Murphy: You saw Craig talking to the boy?

Phyllis Roy: No, but I called him, and then the boy went away.

Detective Murphy: How long was it between the time you called Craig and the time the boy went away?

Phyllis Roy: Not long at all. He took care of it quickly. Five minutes?

Detective Murphy: And you saw Craig talking to the boy?

Phyllis Roy: No.

Detective Parker: Did you hear him talking to the boy?

Phyllis Roy: No, I went back to bed after I called him. I knew he'd take care of it, and he did.

Detective Murphy: Is that what he told you? That he'd taken care of it?

Phyllis Roy: No. I meant to thank him, but I keep forgetting to do it. Thank you for reminding me.

Detective Parker: You said the boy was young. How old would you say?

Phyllis Roy: So many of the kids who live here are in college, and I think he was about that age too.

Detective Parker: We talked to your grandson the other day. He's about that age, isn't he?

Phyllis Roy: Yes, I heard you spoke to Dylan. You put a good little scare into him.

Detective Parker: We weren't trying to scare him.

Phyllis Roy: Oh, I know you weren't, dear. But don't let it worry you. It was good for him.

Detective Murphy: Do you think it could've been Dylan who was yelling out there that night?

Phyllis Roy: Oh, no. I would've known it was him, and then I wouldn't have called Craig.

Detective Murphy: What would you have done?

Phyllis Roy: I would've gone right out there and told him to shut his mouth and get himself inside. Then, I would've called his daddy to come get him.

Detective Murphy: But you didn't do that?

Phyllis Roy: No, because it wasn't Dylan.

Detective Parker: You're sure?

Phyllis Roy: Of course, I'm sure. I know my own grandson.

Detective Murphy: Did the boy look anything like Courtney's boyfriend, by any chance?

Phyllis Roy: I don't know. I didn't get a good enough look to tell.

Detective Murphy: What about her uncle that you said visited her sometimes? Did it look like him?

Phyllis Roy: I don't think so. It definitely didn't sound like him.

Detective Murphy: You know what he sounds like?

Phyllis Roy: No, but he's about 40, and this boy was definitely younger than that, college-age like I told you.

Detective Murphy: Okay. I think that's all we needed for now. Thanks again for letting us just drop in like this, Phyllis.

Phyllis Roy: It was my pleasure. You all come on by whenever you like. I love having visitors. Next time, I'll have some nice refreshments for you.

Detective Murphy: That's very kind of you, Phyllis. We'll be in touch.

Interview ended – 12:37 p.m.


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I see no motive for Phyllis or for Craig. They'd have to be just sociopaths, killing for the thrill, and the odds are just flat out against that. I also can't see either one of them being able to manhandle 100 plus pounds of dead weight easily...

I see no motive for Phyllis or for Craig. They'd have to be just sociopaths, killing for the thrill, and the odds are just flat out against that. I also can't see either one of them being able to manhandle 100 plus pounds of dead weight easily enough to fit the time frame and without leaving more evidence.

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  Det. Montresor
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I agree with you there. I don't believe they had anymoe to do with it than the yelling episode.

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who do you guys suspect so far? I suspect justin and dylan , also talbot to some extent

  Dan West
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