Monday, July 16, 2018

Have you seen this woman?

The YCSD is asking for your help locating her

The Yoknaptawpha County Sheriff's Department held a press conference this morning, seeking the public's assistance finding a woman they'd like to talk to.

Natalie Posner is 40 years old and six feet tall. When she was last seen in 2010, her hair was blonde, but it may be a different color today. Her name may also have changed.

YCSD spokesperson Elizabeth Jones would not specify which investigation they want to speak to Ms. Posner about, but she did say Ms. Posner is a potential witness and is not considered a suspect in any case in Mississippi at this time.

If you have seen Ms. Posner or have any information about her current whereabouts, please contact the sheriff's department.

By Kemper Jones at 12:00 PM

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Six feet tall? Could she be disguised as a man?......

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