Jenny was Wendy's friend, roommate and co-worker

Jennifer Lynn Sadlier was born to Margaret and Thomas Sadlier on January 9, 1992, in San Francisco, California. With two older brothers, Jeremy and James, Jenny was always eager to please and vying for attention.

She was a typical over-achiever. In school, if the teacher asked her to draw a picture, she drew three. If her mother asked her to clean her room, she cleaned the whole house. The family joke was "ask Jenny. She'll do it. She'll do everything."

It didn't surprise any of her friends or family when she finished high school at age sixteen and was accepted at Stanford University with a major in mathematics and computer sciences.

While she never excelled as a developer or author of original ideas, Jenny was a brilliant technician. If someone had a fabulous idea, she could figure out how to execute the idea, often off the top of her head. She could lay out the details as long as she had a pen and something to write on. One story about Jenny claims she managed to debug a program by diagraming the glitch on her arm over lunch.

Upon graduation from Stanford, she was offered a job at Rockwell in Dallas, Texas in 2012. She gained a reputation as a master troubleshooter within a couple of years and was offered a job on a government contract in Seattle, Washington. There she met and became fast friends with Wendy Pane Holloway. They found they worked well together during the project, and when it was over, Wendy offered her freelance work and invited her to become roommates.

While Jenny never experienced the limelight and great success that was customary for Wendy, she was an expert in her own right, and Wendy treated her as a peer. Jenny currently works as a freelance computer troubleshooter and often does software testing and quality assurance for various clients in the Seattle area.


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