Cell phone records


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 000569-18B-2017
Case Description: Wendy Holloway death investigation

The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department obtained voice call records for Wendy Holloway's cellular telephone, identified as 206-321-XXXX, for the period of February 17, 2017 through February 19, 2017.

All calls that remained on the line until the voice mail picked up are recorded as completed calls.

Voice mail messages have been transcribed below. Hang-up calls have not been transcribed.

* The Account Names listed indicate only the billing name associated with the telephone number, not the identity of the person who placed the call.

In / Out Date Time Duration
Number Account Name
IN 2/17/17 08:10 662-235-XXXX B. A. Stillwater
IN 2/17/17 10:20 213-753-XXXX Smart Investment Co.
OUT 2/17/17 11:30 212-759-XXXX Bauman Rare Books
IN 2/17/17 12:27 662-238-XXXX Pearce Brokers
IN 2/17/17 13:01 662-234-XXXX V. B. Cooper
IN 2/17/17 17:06 404-815-XXXX Daniel Courrier
OUT 2/17/17 17:20 12  662-234-XXXX V. B. Cooper
IN 2/17/17 18:23 407-881-XXXX Luxury Vacations
OUT 2/17/17 19:04 901-789-XXXX Peter A. Pane
OUT 2/17/17 19:15 662-235-XXXX B. A. Stillwater
OUT 2/17/17 19:19 412-921-XXXX Anil Virani
OUT 2/17/17 19:48 662-232-XXXX Michael Robbins
IN 2/17/17 21:50 662-236-XXXX Blake A. Stillwater
Hello. This is Mrs. Blake Stillwater. I know what you've been up to with my husband and I intend to put a stop to it. You'd better watch your step.
IN 2/17/17 22:40 662-235-XXXX B. A. Stillwater
Hey baby, I'm missing you already. Sorry I couldn't take your call. Aunt Martha and her family were just arriving. Now dinner's over I'm hungry … for you. I'm tempted to sneak by and nibble on your ear before I have to leave. Love you!
IN 2/18/17 10:20 614-541-XXXX Charity Dreams
IN 2/18/17 10:45 412-331-XXXX E. A. Pane
Hi Wendy, just thinking about you. I had an idea about Thanksgiving this year. Can you give me a call today? Love you.
IN 2/18/17 11:09 412-921-XXXX Anil Virani
Wendy, it's Anil. Sorry I missed your call. I'll be out most of this weekend with Suzy, but call me back whenever you can anyway. She's the most beautiful girl in the world, by the way! Anyway, I'm more than pleased to give whatever advice I can. You know that.
IN  2/18/17 15:39 213-753-XXXX Smart Investment Co.
IN 2/18/17 16:29 404-815-XXXX Daniel Courrier
Hey, Wendy. It's Dan, following up on our conversation yesterday. I think I may have an idea about how to solve your problem. Give me a call back when you get in.
IN 2/19/17 09:10 901-789-XXXX Peter A. Pane
Wendy, just want to let you know I can't make it down today. Something's come up with Amanda, and I can't get out of it. I'll call on Monday, and we'll set a time to get together. Oh, Mom says call her about Thanksgiving. She's making plans already, if you can believe it.
IN 2/19/17 11:08 206-223-XXXX J. Sadlier
Hey, girl. Just checking in to see how much work you'll be sending me in the next week or so. Give me a call when you get a chance. Bye!
IN 2/19/17 16:27 412-331-XXXX E. A. Pane
Honey, I didn't hear back from you and I'm a little worried. I know you're busy, but give me a quick call and let me know you're okay. We do need to talk.
IN 2/19/17 18:09 404-815-XXXX Daniel Courrier

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