Status report


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001838-16D-2022
Case Description: Jane Doe death investigation

All detailed reports on file.

April 27, 2022

Witness follow-up

The crime lab reported that King's fingerprints were found on and in Wendy Holloway's vehicle.

Detective Murphy caught up with King at Proud Larry's. King said Holloway sometimes gave him a ride home or to the Huddle House for a late meal after a gig and that he probably left fingerprints in her car.

King also said he couldn't recall what time he played Holloway's song request on the night she was killed, but if he had to guess, he speculated it was probably shortly after midnight.

Investigative action:

Investigators will follow up with other members of King's band to corroborate his story.

April 28, 2022

Crime reconstruction

The crime lab provided a possible sequence of events surrounding Wendy Holloway's death. The scenario is based on the forensic examination of the scene and the evidence found.

The subject entered Holloway's residence through the back door into the kitchen, gaining access by breaking the kitchen window to open the door.

The subject then vandalized the interior of the residence and removed items of value and/or interest to the subject.

The subject then lay in wait for Holloway to return home. After she exited the vehicle and started across the yard from the carport to the residence, the subject ambushed her, and a struggle ensued, evidenced by the shoe, earring, backpack, eyeglasses, and other items found in the yard.

The struggle continued inside the shed, where the matching shoe and earring were found along with blood spatter.

Drag marks in the victim's blood indicate that the unconscious or deceased victim was then dragged through the carport and placed in the trunk of her vehicle, indicated by the blood smear in the trunk and fibers on the victim's clothing.

Holloway's vehicle was used to transport her body to the dump location in Kelly Woods and then returned to her residence and left in the carport. The subject then left the scene by other means.

April 29, 2022

Witness background check

Detective Armstrong contacted Detective Huckabee, who works vice-related crimes, to determine whether Norma Jean "Bambi" Johnson is involved in any current or past investigations.

Detective Huckabee indicated that Johnson's name has come up in the past, but she has never been implicated in any wrongdoing.

Handwriting analysis

The crime lab reported that the Questioned Document Section had compared known samples of Wendy Holloway's handwriting with the writing on the Proud Larry's beverage napkin with "call anil" written on it (001838-76) and the handwritten letter signed "Wendy" (001838-126). The writing in both was found to be consistent with the victim's handwriting.

April 30, 2022

Witness interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy traveled to Jackson, Mississippi, to interview Sister Susannah (a.k.a. Frieda Tucker), the self-described psychic.

During the interview, Detective Armstrong conducted a cursory consent search of the location, which serves as both the witness's residence and place of business. No evidence implicating her in Holloway's death or any other crime was immediately found.

Investigative action:

Investigators will continue background checks and other lines of inquiry to determine the level of this witness's involvement, if any, in Wendy Holloway's death.

Report filed 4/30/2022, 6:20 p.m. by Det. T. Armstrong, 615, and Det. S. Murphy, 633



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