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Sister Susannah interview

Saturday, April 30, 2022 – 12:45 p.m.

Sister Susannah, who claims to be a psychic, contacted the YCSD earlier in the investigation, claiming to have information. Investigators later discovered a connection between Sister Susannah and the Stillwaters.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy traveled to Jackson, Mississippi, to interview her.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Sister Susannah

Detective Murphy: Thank you for seeing us.

Sister Susannah: Oh, I'm always happy to help law enforcement. Now, what can I do for you all today?

Detective Armstrong: Don't you already know that?

Detective Murphy: Before we get to that, would you state your name and address for the record?

Sister Susannah: Of course, hon. My name is Sister Susannah, and I live right here on Green Street, number 802.

Detective Armstrong: We need your legal name, Frieda.

Sister Susannah: Sister Susannah is my legal name. Look, it's right here on my driver's license.

Detective Armstrong: You gotta be kidding me.

Detective Murphy: Sister Susannah, we're here today to talk to you about—

Sister Susannah: That poor young woman. Wendy was her name, wasn't it?

Detective Murphy: Indirectly, that's what we want to talk about, but first, we want to ask you about one of your clients.

Sister Susannah: Oh, my dear, I could never talk to you or anyone about someone I've counseled. That wouldn't be ethical. The spirit guides wouldn't like it.

Detective Armstrong: You didn't seem too worried about that a few weeks ago when you wanted to talk to us about this case.

Sister Susannah: Oh, I didn't want to talk to you about one of my clients. I wanted to talk to you about Wendy. The way you dismissed me was very painful. Some of my spirit guides advised me not to speak to you when you came back asking for my help.

Detective Murphy: That's unfortunate. We've come a long way to talk to you.

Sister Susannah: I know that was difficult for you, so I'm inclined to disregard their advice on this one thing.

Detective Murphy: That's very gracious of you.

Detective Armstrong: Oh, for crying out loud.

Sister Susannah: I know you're trying to push my buttons, Detective Armstrong, but it won't work. You and I both know why you're so resistant to the spirit world. There's no need to speak of it.

Detective Armstrong: You don't know what you're talking about, Sister.

Sister Susannah: Of course not. Now, I can't discuss anything I was told in confidence, but I'll tell you what I can.

Detective Murphy: We'd like to know more about Eugenia Stillwater.

Sister Susannah: Yes.

Detective Murphy: When did she first come to you?

Sister Susannah: Oh, it's been some time now.

Detective Armstrong: Come on. You know what we're asking. Are we talking weeks? Months? Years?

Sister Susannah: Most definitely.

Detective Armstrong: Now, who's trying to push buttons?

Sister Susannah: Touche, sir. I'd say she's been coming to me for several months.

Detective Murphy: When she came to see you, what did she want your help with?

Sister Susannah: It wouldn't be right for me to say.

Detective Murphy: How about this? Was she seeking general counsel, or did she have a specific issue?

Sister Susannah: Many people come to me looking for overall guidance for their lives, but for her, it was more of a particular concern.

Detective Murphy: Were you able to help her with it?

Sister Susannah: I did what I could. Oftentimes, such things get harder before the cloud begins to lift.

Detective Murphy: But Mrs. Stillwater's cloud has begun to lift now?

Sister Susannah: I'd say so. She still has many difficult days ahead, but one day, her skies will finally clear.

Detective Murphy: What did you do to help her with the issue clouding her life?

Sister Susannah: I helped her get in touch with what the spirit world was already telling her.

Detective Murphy: And what was that?

Sister Susannah: Oh, now, Detective, that would be telling.

Detective Murphy: What was Mrs. Stillwater's mood when she first came to see you? Was she angry? Worried? Frightened?

Sister Susannah: Like many people, she had concerns about aspects of her life and was looking for a path to peace of mind.

Detective Armstrong: What kind of path are we talking about?

Sister Susannah: The only path there is: the one that leads to your destiny.

Detective Armstrong: I'm asking you what specifically you told her to do to get this peace of mind you say she was after.

Sister Susannah: I didn't tell her to do anything. I only relayed what her spirit guides were urging her to do.

Detective Armstrong: You know what? I'm going to use your facilities. You mind?

Sister Susannah: Not at all, dear. Right through there. You won't find what you're looking for, though.

Detective Armstrong: Yeah, okay.

Detective Murphy: We saw one of the readings you did for Mrs. Stillwater. Did you always give her written readings?

Sister Susannah: No. Sometimes she came to see me in person. Other times, I would give her a reading over the phone or online.

Detective Murphy: That's very 21st century of you. In the reading we saw, you were warning her about a young woman who you said was a threat to her marriage. How did you find out about the woman?

Sister Susannah: Mrs. Stillwater's spirit guides told me, of course.

Detective Murphy: Of course. Did anyone else tell you?

Sister Susannah: Who else would've told me?

Detective Murphy: Did Mrs. Stillwater already know about this situation with her husband and the other woman before she came to you?

Sister Susannah: I believe she knew, and she didn't know.

Detective Murphy: Did she know who the other woman was?

Sister Susannah: Her spirit guides were bombarding her with the message, but she was struggling to accept it.

Detective Murphy: How did she react when you told her that the other woman was a threat to her?

Sister Susannah: I didn't say that. I said the young woman would destroy her marriage, not that she was a threat to her personally.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Stillwater might call that a distinction without a difference, don't you think?

Sister Susannah: She might. To answer your question, she was angry and upset, but mostly she was heartbroken.

Detective Murphy: In that reading, you were urging her to fight for her marriage. Did she need to be persuaded to do that?

Sister Susannah: It wasn't me urging her, though it's what I would've suggested too. It was her spirit guides who were quite insistent. They wanted her to fight back, and that's what she wanted too. She just needed to find the will.

Detective Murphy: The will or the means?

Sister Susannah: It's all part and parcel, isn't it?

Detective Murphy: But you can understand our concern here. The young woman you warned her about and urged her to fight back against wound up dead.

Sister Susannah: Yes. That was not the outcome I hoped for.

Detective Murphy: Was it the outcome Mrs. Stillwater hoped for?

Sister Susannah: In her darker moments, maybe, but she had nothing to do with it. And before you ask, no one in her family was involved.

Detective Murphy: How do you know?

Sister Susannah: My spirit guides—

Detective Murphy: Your spirit guides told you. Of course. Did you put Mrs. Stillwater in touch with anyone who could help her take care of her problem?

Sister Susannah: There was no need. She had everything she needed to handle the situation.

Detective Murphy: Meaning?

Sister Susannah: She has the inner strength and the wherewithal, not to mention the support and direction of her spirit guides, to do whatever she sets her mind to.

Detective Murphy: I see. When you came to us just after Wendy's body was found, why didn't you tell us that you knew who she was because of your connection with Mrs. Stillwater?

Sister Susannah: You wouldn't even talk to me. How could I tell you?

Detective Murphy: You know, if you'd included concrete information like that in your tip, we would've made time to talk to you. You didn't choose to do that, and that choice delayed our identification of the victim. Is that what you wanted? Were you hoping we wouldn't figure out who she was?

Sister Susannah: Of course not. That poor girl's spirit deserves to rest in peace just like anyone else's. I knew who she was because she reached out to me across the veil and begged me to help you identify her so her earthly remains could be returned to her mother.

Detective Armstrong: When she reached out to you, did she also tell you who killed her?

Sister Susannah: Ah, Detective. You're back. Did you find out what you wanted to know?

Detective Armstrong: We'll see. Did Wendy Holloway tell you who killed her?

Sister Susannah: I'm afraid not. I can tell you that her death was caused by a combination of anger, pain, and resentment, which festered until that darkness overtook that poor soul.

Detective Armstrong: That pretty much sums up how Eugenia Stillwater felt about Wendy, doesn't it?

Sister Susannah: Perhaps, but she wasn't the only one with ill will towards that young woman.

Detective Armstrong: So you're saying she was killed by someone who didn't like her, but you don't know who.

Sister Susannah: I'm afraid the spirit guides are not ready to share that information with me.

Detective Armstrong: Well, that's very helpful. Knowing that her killer didn't like her will really help us narrow down the suspects.

Sister Susannah: I understand your frustration, Detective, but the spirit world moves in its own time.

Detective Armstrong: How convenient.

Detective Murphy: Is there anything you can tell us that might help us identify her killer?

Sister Susannah: I've told you all I know, but I will consult with my spirit guides again and pass along any additional information they're willing to share.

Detective Murphy: We would appreciate that. Here's my card. My phone number and email address are both on there.

Sister Susannah: Thank you. And Detective Armstrong, the more you fight it, the more it will haunt you. Accept what you already know to be true, and your heart will be at peace.

Detective Armstrong: Yeah, I'll get right on that.

Detective Murphy: Thank you for your time, Sister. We'll see ourselves out.

Interview ended – 1:13 p.m.


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