Stillwater Pam Thompson file


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001838-16D-2022
Case Description: Wendy Holloway homicide investigation

The following documents were found in the file folder labeled "Pam Thompson" (001838-123) taken into evidence from the Stillwater residence.



Case Number: Still98732
Hire Date: 17-Mar-2022
Date Filed: 23-Jan-2017


Followed the subject for three evenings during the partial week of March 17 through 22, 2017.


Subject left the residence approx. 7:35 p.m. He went to the Square where he parked on the north side. He went into Square Books and apparently browsed for approx. 1 hour.

Visual confirmation that he did not meet anyone in particular in the bookstore. He spoke briefly to various staff and sat upstairs in the café drinking coffee. A middle-aged man approached him at one point and asked for his autograph, which the subject granted. The rest of the time in the bookstore, the subject was alone.

Approx. 8:30 p.m., subject left the bookstore and went straight to his car, and he went directly home.


Subject left the residence approx. 8:30 p.m. He drove straight out to a private residence at 728 Shady Oaks Circle. He was met at the door by a young female, mid to late twenties, dark brown hair.

Took some long-range photographs of the subject and the woman standing in the doorway. However, the face of the woman was partially obscured. Although these photographs are not clear, they are presented in Attachment A. [Attachment A is not available to the public pending legal clearance.]

Subject remained in the house until approx. 11:30 p.m. when he returned directly home.

See Follow-up Information section below for more details.


Subject remained at his residence throughout the day and night.


Subject left the residence approx. 6:30 p.m. He drove to Avent Park where he played tennis with a middle-aged male. They played for approx. 2.5 hours.

Subject then drove to the Square where he made a withdrawal at the ATM inside the bank next to Square Books. He drove to the post office and dropped a large manila envelope in the out-of-town box.

The subject then drove straight home.


• Research at the Yoknapatawpha County Clerk's office showed that the residence the subject visited on the night of 18 March is owned by James Logue. Logue inherited the property in 2003 and tax records show that he has occupied the property for the duration of his ownership.

• Research of online local news archives revealed that Logue accepted a temporary teaching/study position in Italy and that he left the Oxford area in Fall 2021. Initial indications are that he rented the property for the time he would be gone.



Case Number: Still98732
Hire Date: 17-Mar-2022
Date Filed: 28-Mar-2022


The majority of investigation activity revolved around identifying the woman subject met at the Logue residence. The long-range photographs taken did not reveal any conclusive evidence.

Sources around town indicated that Sally Stoppard, a real estate agent, handled the rental of the Logue residence and that the homeowner had no knowledge of the tenant's identity.

Met with Stoppard on 23-Mar-2022 under the pretense of looking for a home to rent in the country. Stoppard was very outgoing and yielded information quite easily. In the course of conversation, she indicated that the Logue residence was rented to a young woman named Wendy Pane Holloway. Holloway moved to Oxford in late 2021. She is a self-employed software developer.

Actual surveillance activities this week were limited. The subject remained at home most of the week, reportedly writing. He left his residence for various errands around town. However, none of them appeared to be out of the ordinary or to yield any information.



Case Number: Still98732
Hire Date: 17-Mar-2022
Date Filed: 4-Apr-2022


Several incidents this week are worth noting. First, subject and the Holloway woman were observed on 30-Mar-2022 having lunch at Old Venice Pizza Company on the Square in Oxford.

Approached the subject under the pretense of being a fan who wanted an autograph. When I apologized for interrupting his lunch, the subject laughed and said it was no problem that "we're discussing my new book." When I asked for details on the new novel, the subject remarked "well, I can't tell you much, but it will involve technology and the internet. Wendy here is helping me with many of the technical details."

Pretending to want a picture of the famous author, I cajoled the subject into being photographed along with the Holloway woman using a cellphone camera. This snapshot is presented in Attachment B. [Attachment B is not available to the public pending legal clearance.]

Later that day, I phoned the subject's publisher's office, posing as a feature writer for a newspaper in Alabama. I was referred to his agent, Marguerite Win, who I then interviewed by phone. The relevant portion of the interview is presented below:

Investigator   There are indications that the new novel will rely heavily on technology and the internet. Can you confirm that for me?
Win   I'm afraid that I can't say. Frankly, I don't know very much about what he's working on until it's almost finished. Of course, even if I did know, I wouldn't be able to say very much.
Investigator   I understand. There are also reports that he has retained an assistant on this new novel. Someone to help with the technical details of computer software and internet development. Is this true?
Win   Yes. A young lady named Wendy Holloway is helping out. She's supposed to be very talented with computers. That's a good thing. Poor Blake is just helpless with them.
Investigator   How did he find her?
Win   I'm not sure. She just recently moved to Oxford, so I doubt they knew each other before she started helping him.
Investigator   So, they weren't personal acquaintances beforehand?
Win   Not that I'm aware of.


Subject left his residence at approx. 7:45 p.m. and traveled to the Logue residence, apparently rented to the Holloway woman. A long-range lens was used to obtain more productive photographs of the couple. These photographs are presented in Attachment C. [Attachment C is not available to the public pending legal clearance.]

The two briefly embraced at the door and then went into the den/living room. Sitting on the couch, the subject handed a stack of papers to Holloway who flipped through them. The two talked for approx. 1 hour. At times, Holloway appeared to be drawing diagrams and pictures for the subject.

At approx. 9:00 p.m., the subject brushed the papers aside and embraced Holloway. The two kissed and groped each other until they stood up from the couch. They removed each other's clothes and eventually left the den and went down the hallway to what was presumed to be a bedroom. It was not feasible to get pictures in the bedroom.

At approx. 10:45 p.m., the couple was observed leaving the presumed bedroom and entering the bathroom. Increasing steam on the windows would seem to indicate that the shower was being used.

At approx. 11:15 p.m., the couple returned to the den where the subject put his clothes back on while Holloway remained in a robe. The two embraced and kissed in the doorway, and then the subject returned to his residence.


Early in the morning, I arrived at the Logue property with two associates, posing as exterminators. After repeatedly knocking on the front door, Holloway finally answered, wearing a robe and appearing to have just woken up.

I told her that Mr. Logue contracted us to provide extermination services around his property every six months and that it was time for the next appointment. Holloway was initially skeptical, possibly confused, but she finally consented to let us in.

One associate worked on the exterior of the property while the other associate and I worked on the interior. Holloway apologized for the mess and tried to pick up a little in the kitchen while we worked.

Visual inspection of the paperwork seen with Holloway and the subject on the previous night seems to indicate computer architecture and planning. Inspection down the hallway reveals that the room the subject and Holloway retired to on the previous night was indeed a bedroom. The bedclothes were greatly disheveled.



Case Number: Still98732
Hire Date: 17-Mar-2022
Date Filed: 11-Apr-2022


On the night of 6-Apr-2022, the subject left his residence at approx. 6:15 p.m. He drove to Abner's restaurant where he took out several cartons of food. He then drove to the Logue house and dined with Holloway while sitting on the porch. Photographs taken during this time are presented in Attachment D. [Attachment D is not available to the public pending legal clearance.]

After approx. two hours, the couple returned to the den and sat on the couch, talking and snacking. At approx. 10:30 p.m., the subject left and returned home to his residence.



Case Number: Still98732
Hire Date: 17-Mar-2022
Length of Investigation: 27 days, from 17-Mar to 13-Apr-2022
Date Filed: 13-Apr-2022


Client terminated surveillance.


As a result of this investigation, it is clear that the subject is involved in an extramarital affair. Although the subject is believed to have had many infidelities over the years, it appears that he is only involved with one woman outside of his marriage at this time.

On several different occasions, the subject was observed with Wendy Holloway. The subject's assistant and others around town maintain that this is a professional relationship as Holloway is assisting in the research of a new novel.

There is certainly some professional work occurring. Holloway does indeed appear to be offering professional advice and recommendations using her knowledge and expertise.

However, the subject was also observed to be physically involved with Holloway on several occasions. Photographic evidence supports this assertion.

Although there is no way of knowing the extent of the subject's emotional involvement with Holloway, it is clear that this is an ongoing relationship and not merely a one-night stand.

This information was delivered to my client today after she terminated the investigation by telephone.

At that time, she requested all photographs and notes be given to her. Her bill has been partially paid, and satisfactory payment arrangements have been made.


Thompson Investigations, Inc. Date Invoice #
1004 Jackson Avenue, Suite 222 04/13/2022 002157
Oxford, MS 38655    
Bill to: Terms Case Number
          Eugenia Stillwater Net 10 Still98732
          238 Highway 6 West    
          Oxford, MS 38655    


Description Rate Days Amount
          Surveillance of Blake Stillwater $400/day 27 $10,800
          Deposit paid     ($4,000)
    TOTAL DUE $6,800


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