Status report


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001838-16D-2022
Case Description: Jane Doe death investigation

All detailed reports on file.

April 18, 2022

Alibi verification – Michael Robbins

At approximately 10:00 a.m., R/Is contacted Michael Robbins by telephone to determine his whereabouts on the night of 04/15/2022. Robbins said he was at a dinner party at the home of his friend, Rhett Boland.

Investigative action:

Detective Armstrong was unable to reach Boland by telephone but left a voicemail message for Boland requesting a return call.

Possible witness contact

At approximately 2:35 p.m., R/Is were contacted by a possible witness, Al Knight. Knight claimed he had seen a woman wearing a shirt like the one pictured in the 04/17/2022 Oxford Weekly Planet article "Stained clothing may link to dead woman found yesterday" when he was working at The Blind Pig Pub on 04/15/2022.

Investigative action:

Knight agreed to meet with Detective Armstrong at The Blind Pig Pub approximately one hour later.

During that interview, Knight accurately described the shirt. He did not know the name of the woman wearing it but did identify two persons — Blake Stillwater and Willie King, both Oxford residents — that he observed in her company around noon on 04/15/2022.

Following the Knight interview, R/Is attempted to contact both men but were unable to speak with either. Voicemail messages were left for both men asking them to contact R/Is as soon as they receive the messages. Efforts will continue until contact is made and interviews conducted.

Call from coroner's office

At approximately 4:40 p.m., the coroner's office contacts R/Is to pass along two preliminary findings.

    1. A matchbook imprinted with the words "Proud Larry's" was found in the victim's clothing. Fingerprints found on the matchbook were identified as belonging to the victim and to Willie King, an Oxford musician arrested on drug charges in 2019.
    2. A red "X" mark, apparently made with a marking pen, was observed on the inside of the victim's right wrist. Samples were collected and sent to the crime lab for analysis.

Investigative action:

R/Is again attempted to reach King by phone and were again unsuccessful. Plans were made to seek out Mr. King in person the following day.

Recognizing the "X" as a symbol sometimes used by Proud Larry's to mark patrons who had paid admission for the band performances, Detective Armstrong contacted Proud Larry's to determine what color ink they were using to mark their patrons' hands or wrists on 04/15/2022. Tom Locke, a bartender at Proud Larry's, indicated the color used that night was red.

April 19, 2022

Alibi verification – Michael Robbins

Detective Armstrong received a return call from Rhett Boland at approximately 10:30 a.m. Boland confirmed that Robbins was at his home the night of 04/15/2022. Boland said he was unsure of the time Robbins left but estimated it was between 11:30 p.m. and midnight.

Investigative action:

R/I Armstrong placed several telephone calls to Robbins to determine his whereabouts between 11:00 p.m. on 04/15/2022 and 2:00 a.m. on 04/16/2022. At the time of this filing, Robbins has not returned any of the calls.

Attempt to locate – Willie King

R/Is located King's current address, and Detective Murphy visited the residence at 10:40 a.m. King was not present, but Detective Murphy spoke with a woman at the residence, identified as Carmen Rodriguez, King's live-in girlfriend.

Rodriguez said King was in New Orleans, LA, and not expected back in Oxford until next week. Rodriguez provided the name of the hotel where King was staying in New Orleans.

Investigative action:

R/Is attempted to reach King by telephone at The Landmark Hotel, but messages were not returned. New Orleans P.D. was contacted and agreed to contact King in person. Results pending.

Victim identification

Following up on information from Deputy P.J. Watson regarding a vandalism incident with a possible missing person that could be connected to this investigation, R/Is obtained a search warrant to locate identifying information at the residence and executed same later that afternoon.

Among items taken into evidence from the residence was a file folder labeled "Important Docs" containing a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, and other similar documents all in the name of "Wendy Pane" or "Wendy Pane Holloway." The folder also contained a list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers for medical professionals including Wayne Holcomb DDS, a dentist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A second file folder labeled "Taxes" taken into evidence contained 2019 and 2020 income tax records for Wendy Pane Holloway.

Investigative action:

The dentist's name and contact information were passed on to the coroner's office on 04/19/2022 to enable them to inquire about obtaining dental records for identification purposes.

April 20, 2022

Victim identification

The coroner's office notified R/Is of their receipt of dental records for Wendy Pane Holloway. Results of the comparison between Holloway's dental records and the victim's teeth are expected within 48 hours.

Investigative action:

With a tentative identification of the victim as Wendy Pane Holloway at the time of this filing, investigative efforts are underway directed toward identifying Holloway's associates, investigating possible motives, and other inquiries.

R/Is expect to determine the victim's activities in the 24 hours preceding death within seven days. Additional data and analysis results are expected from the coroner's office and the crime lab within seven days.

R/Is will also continue to investigate any possible connection between the victim and the bag of stained clothing discovered on 04/17/2022, Incident #001865-17D-2022.


Report filed 04/20/2022, 6:45 p.m. by Det. T Armstrong, 615, and Det. S. Murphy, 633


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