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Al Knight interview

Monday, April 18, 2022 – 10:33 a.m.

Al Knight, a server at The Blind Pig Pub, contacted the sheriff's department about the photo of the shirt that the Oxford Weekly Planet published.

Detective Armstrong went over to the Blind Pig to find out what information Mr. Knight had.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Al Knight

Detective Armstrong: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Al Knight: No problem. I'm working a double, but it's dead right now.

Detective Armstrong: Would you state your name and address, please?

Al Knight: Al L. Knight. I live at 11 Avent Street, Oxford, MS.

Detective Armstrong: And where are you employed?

Al Knight: I'm a server here at the Blind Pig.

Detective Armstrong: Can you tell me why you contacted our office?

Al Knight: Well, I saw the article online about the shirt that kid and her dog found? The article said those clothes might have something to do with that murdered woman.

Detective Armstrong: Murdered woman?

Al Knight: The one from Kelly Woods?

Detective Armstrong: You know something about that?

Al Knight: Not about the murder, but I think I've seen that shirt. Last Friday, I was working the lunch shift. I had been scheduled to work that evening 'til closing, but one of the waitresses had to take off for an exam or something, so I picked up her shift too. Anyway, there was a woman who had lunch in the restaurant that day with a shirt on like the one in the article.

Detective Armstrong: Can you describe the shirt?

Al Knight: It was just like in the paper. Orange-brown with that light blue design on the front and the ends of the sleeves. I don't know much about clothes. I'm not sure I'm describing it right, but it looked just like the one I saw online.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know who the woman was?

Al Knight: No. I never heard anyone call her name or anything.

Detective Armstrong: Was this lady having lunch alone?

Al Knight: No, she was with that writer, Blake Stillwater. They ordered lunch, but then there was a phone call for him. He took the call, left her at the table and went over to the bar, talked for a while, and then left.

Detective Armstrong: Left? Just like that?

Al Knight: Yeah. He talked on the phone for a little while, then walked back over to the table. I couldn't hear what he said, but the lady stood up and gave him a hug, and he left.

Detective Armstrong: Do you have any idea where he was going? Or who was on the phone?

Al Knight: No clue. His Range Rover was right outside the door, and I saw him get in it and drive away, so I know he didn't just walk around the corner or anything.

Detective Armstrong: What did the lady do?

Al Knight: I went over to her, and she said to cancel his order but that she would still take her lunch. Then Willie King, that blues singer, went over to her table.

Detective Armstrong: What was he doing?

Al Knight: He had been at the bar for a while already. When Stillwater left, he went over to the lady's table and sat down. They started talking, and when I brought her lunch, he asked for another drink. He never ordered any food. He just sat there drinking while she ate.

Detective Armstrong: Then what happened?

Al Knight: She finished her lunch, paid her bill with a twenty, and left.

Detective Armstrong: And the singer?

Al Knight: Oh, he left with her.

Detective Armstrong: They walked out together?

Al Knight: Yeah. I couldn't see where they went, but they turned up towards the Square. That was it.

Detective Armstrong: Can you think of anything else that might be of use to us?

Al Knight: No, not really. I don't even know if what I said will help you. I just saw the article online and thought I should call.

Detective Armstrong: Well, we appreciate it. Thank you for your time. If we need anything else, I'll get in touch with you.

Interview ended – 10:48 a.m.

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