Psychic alleges vision of murder

Monday, April 18, 2022

Jackson psychic contacts sheriff's department

Claims visions may be connected to mystery woman's death

Woman with a scarf wrapped around her head and shoulders Jackson psychic Sister Susannah has notified the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department of a vision she believes is related to the discovery of a woman's body south of Oxford on Saturday.

When Sister Susannah saw news reports about the body of an unidentified woman with head injuries found Saturday afternoon in Kelly Woods, she had an overwhelming feeling that her vision was about that crime. She called the sheriff's department yesterday, but she does not believe they're taking her seriously.

"They were polite but didn't seem all that interested in what I had to say. I have relayed my visions to police in other jurisdictions in the past, and they have followed up on what I've said in a murder investigation. I am convinced that what I saw relates to this death."

After getting what she felt was "the brush-off" from the sheriff's department, Sister Susannah contacted Crime Beat on Sunday and described her disturbing vision.

"I was feeling uneasy Friday night. Before I went to sleep, I saw a vision of the letter W and wine bottles. I felt a message in my head: 'this is the place.' It was something to do with what I was seeing, but what exactly, I don't know.

"I sensed that it was something to do with Oxford. I've done some readings there recently. There was an Oxford 'feeling' about it. I can't explain how I know this. It took me a while to get to sleep after that.

Then I woke up during the night feeling terrified. It was as if I'd been hit on the head with a heavy object. I've had this type of warning before when something bad is about to happen, but I couldn't figure out what this one meant in time to save that poor girl."

The Jackson psychic has been in business as a clairvoyant since the 1990s. Among the many investigations that Sister Susannah claims to have assisted with is a 2019 Oregon case where she helped local police locate the bodies of two murder victims in a forest.

Sheriff's spokesperson Elizabeth Jones confirmed that the department is seeking the public's help to identify the woman whose body was found in Kelly Woods Saturday. Jones emphasized that all leads will be considered during the investigation process but said she could not comment on individual tips.

By Kemper Jones at 2:28 PM


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