Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The following excerpt is taken from the transcript of a recording Dani Bonner voluntarily turned over to the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department (Evidence # 002586-58).

Mrs. Bonner made the audio recording of a conversation she had with Zoe Chase on New Year's Day 2020.


  • Dani Bonner
  • Zoe Chase

Zoe Chase: …oh, I was just kidding…

Dani Bonner: You have no idea how much that hurt. Sometimes the things you say…

Zoe Chase: You know I don't mean them.

Dani Bonner: Not always. I don't always know.

Zoe Chase: Dani, what can I say to convince you?

Dani Bonner: Never mind. Let's just drop it. It's a new year, time for resolutions…

Zoe Chase: I'm sorry.

Dani Bonner: I know.

Zoe Chase: I've already apologized a hundred times. Will a hundred and one do the trick?

Dani Bonner: It's okay. Forget it. Want some champagne?

Zoe Chase: Just to prove I mean it, how about this…

Dani Bonner: You don't have to prove…

Zoe Chase: I, Zoe Chase, being of sound mind and body…

Dani Bonner: Zoe…

Zoe Chase: do hereby bequeath all my material and worldly goods to…

Dani Bonner: Zoe!

Zoe Chase: my dearest and best friend, Danielle Brady Bonner, a.k.a. Linda Tripp, including but not limited to my jewelry, automobile, literary works and the rights to said works, secret recipes, my red sling-back pumps and my leather jacket. Does that prove we're still best friends?

Dani Bonner: Zoe, do you mean it?

Zoe Chase: Of course I mean it.

[End excerpt]


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