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Ed Bonner bio

Ed Bonner was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi, on May 21, 1981, to John and Helen Bonner. Ed was the second of four children and the eldest son. In 1984, the Bonners moved to Oxford, where John had found a position as a carpenter with the University of Mississippi Physical Plant.

Ed was a quiet but friendly child. He attended Yoknapatawpha High School, where he was an average student and a member of the football team. After graduation, Ed got a job working construction for The Mitchell Company. He soon found he, like his father, had a flair for carpentry and focused his efforts on developing those skills. He became an apprentice carpenter with The Mitchell Company and eventually worked his way up to Master Carpenter.

After nine years with The Mitchell Company, Ed decided to start his own carpentry company and subcontracts with several construction firms, including The Mitchell Company. He is well-liked and respected by others in the construction industry and is known for his ability to bring projects in on time and on budget.

Ed dated casually over the years but never had any serious relationships until he met Dani Brady in 2009. He was immediately smitten with the vivacious Dani and was surprised to find she was interested in him as well. Dani's exuberant approach to life was the perfect complement to Ed's reserved nature, and the couple married in 2010.

Ed first met Dani's best friend, Zoe Chase (then Nancy Neidelmen), just before the wedding. Ed could see how close Dani and Nancy were, and he knew how much Dani had missed Nancy since she'd moved back to New York. His bride was on Cloud Nine, and he couldn't have been happier.

Not everyone at the wedding was as enamored with Dani and Nancy's antics as Ed was. The two women drove nearly everyone to distraction with pranks and general tomfoolery in the days leading up to the ceremony. Ed didn't utter a word of protest when they were late for the rehearsal dinner, or when they disappeared for almost an hour during the reception, or even when he found out the reason for their absence—they had been setting up little practical jokes all around and outside the reception hall. Not all of the unsuspecting guests appreciated the pranks, especially Ed's mother, but Ed found his wife's eccentricities endearing.

When Dani gave birth to twin girls in 2012, Ed couldn't have been more thrilled. He is very proud of "his three beautiful girls" and delights in doing things to make them happy. He renovated the kitchen in their home to suit Dani's preferences and built a playhouse in their backyard for the girls.

In his spare time, Ed enjoys attending his daughters' soccer games and playing football or basketball with his friends. He is also an avid professional football fan and is proud to call himself a die-hard supporter of the Tennessee Titans.



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