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Eddie Dooley interview #2

Sunday, July 20, 2014 – 9:30 a.m.

Eddie Dooley was arrested after detectives located a watch belonging to homicide victim Andy Fine in Dooley's residence.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Detention Center.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Eddie Dooley

Detective Murphy: Heck of a mess here, Eddie.

Eddie Dooley: Oh man, y'all know I didn't have nothing to do with his death.

Detective Armstrong: Talking already, Eddie? Good, maybe you'll make it easy for us.

Eddie Dooley: I can't make it easy for you. I didn't have nothing to do with all this. Don't y'all go and try to blame me for this.

Detective Murphy: Eddie, usually we don't get people who are so talkative in here.

Eddie Dooley: Well, it's just that, you know, I can't be going to no prison—

Detective Murphy: Hold on, Eddie. You've been through this enough times, you know the drill. Please state your name and address.

Eddie Dooley: Eddie Dooley. 156 Peyton Circle. You already know that. And you know that I didn't do nothing—

Detective Armstrong: Why, isn't it so nice to have such talkative and gregarious suspects, Detective Murphy?

Detective Murphy: It certainly is, Detective Armstrong. Usually, the people we meet are so reserved and quiet.

Eddie Dooley: Quit fooling around! Y'all can laugh all you want. I ain't going to no Parchman.

Detective Armstrong: Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that, Eddie. You were one of the last people to see Andy Fine, and then we catch you with his property in your house. That doesn't look good.

Eddie Dooley: One stinking watch. That's hardly a bunch of property.

Detective Murphy: Either way, Eddie. You better start talking, and I mean talking some sense. Quit your babbling, and tell us what we need to hear.

Eddie Dooley: Okay, so what? I got his stupid watch. Big deal! I didn't kill him.

Detective Armstrong: The officer that brought you down to the station said that you claimed Andy might have even tried to set you up, frame you.

Detective Murphy: Bad luck for you that he went and got himself killed during the middle of that little practical joke.

Eddie Dooley: That's a bunch of B. S., and y'all know it. I was just making that up, trying to say something. You know how it goes.

Detective Murphy: So what's the truth?

Eddie Dooley: The truth is that I stole the watch from Andy at Duffy's that night. No shit. That's what happened.

Detective Murphy: Tell us more.

Eddie Dooley: Andy was drunker than hell. And he took off his watch and set it down. I thought I might be able to get a few bucks for it, so I slipped it in my pocket. And that's the God's honest truth.

Detective Armstrong: So, let's see. First, you said back at your house that you didn't know how the watch got into your home. Then you told our patrolman that Andy Fine was trying to set you up. Now, you're admitting to stealing the watch, but claiming you didn't have anything to do with the murder.

Detective Murphy: Everything you say gets you closer and closer to big-time trouble, Eddie.

Eddie Dooley: Y'all gotta believe me! Come on, you know me. I may be a thief, and I may pass some bad checks or even wash some checks I picked up here and there. That ain't no secret. You've got my record. But you know that I ain't no killer.

Detective Armstrong: You know, Detective Murphy, I do believe that for once, Mr. Dooley is telling the truth.

Detective Murphy: Very interesting, Detective Armstrong. Why would you make such an assertion?

Eddie Dooley: Stop it! Stop joking around!

Detective Armstrong: I'll stop joking around, Dooley. Here's why I think you might actually be telling the truth for once in your miserable little life. I don't think you've got the balls to kill anyone, especially not a badass like Andy Fine. I don't think you've got it in you. You wouldn't ever even think of taking him on.

Eddie Dooley: That's right! He'd sure as heck kick my ass.

Detective Armstrong: But that doesn't mean you couldn't have drugged him or something, so he wouldn't be able to fight back.

Eddie Dooley: No! I didn't do that.

Detective Murphy: This time, I'm the one who thinks he's telling the truth, Armstrong. This loser isn't smart enough to do something like that.

Eddie Dooley: No, I ain't! I know I'm not the smartest fella around. I wouldn't have done something like that.

Detective Murphy: So then tell us the truth. The full story.

Eddie Dooley: I done told you. We were at Duffy's. Andy was drunk, and I slipped the watch in my pocket. I left there right quick after that, and I went home.

Detective Armstrong: Why did you keep the watch? Were you going to wear it or something? You didn't think anyone would notice?

Eddie Dooley: Nah, I ain't that stupid—

Detective Murphy: Sure about that?

Eddie Dooley: I ain't dumb! I was going to go over to Tupelo. Maybe up to Memphis and pawn it.

Detective Murphy: Why didn't you?

Eddie Dooley: My truck died on me. I kept meaning to put some more oil in it, but I kept forgetting. Well, the other day, I was going to buy some cigarettes, and it just locked up on me—

Detective Armstrong: Your engine seized up? That's hilarious!

Detective Murphy: Good thing you weren't planning on being a getaway driver.

Eddie Dooley: Nah, it ain't! That's big money to someone like me. I can't afford to get that fixed.

Detective Murphy: Maybe you can study auto shop while you're in jail.

Eddie Dooley: Jail! Jail for what?

Detective Murphy: Stealing the watch, genius.

Detective Armstrong: And for obstruction of justice because you didn't tell us about it the first time we talked to you.

Eddie Dooley: Oh, no! I can't do time. I go crazy in there. Y'all gotta let me off!

Detective Murphy: We're going to let you think about your future for a little while, Eddie. I'm sure we'll be talking again.

Interview ended – 9:51 a.m.


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