Theft arrest report

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Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department
711 Jackson Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655

     ___ Juvenile
     ___ Senior Citizen
     ___ Gang

     ___ Child Abuse
     ___ Domestic
     ___ Involved Alcohol
Date Reported:
 Time Reported:
  5:43 PM
  Petit larceny
  _X_ Committed
  ___ Attempted
  Receiving stolen property, less than $250.00
  _X_ Committed
  ___ Attempted
  ___ Committed
  ___ Attempted
 Location of Offense(Exact address, include Room/ Apt. No.)
  156 Peyton Circle, Oxford, Mississippi
 Date of Offense:
 Time of Offense:
  5:43 PM
 Location of Arrest (Exact address, include Room/Apt. No.)
  156 Peyton Circle, Oxford, Mississippi
 Date of Arrest:
 Time of Arrest:
  5:43 PM
 Reporting Officer:
  Det. Sam Murphy
 Unit Number:
 Assisting Officer:
  Det. Ted Armstrong
 Unit Number:



 Foul Play Suspected
 Edward Lamar Dooley
 Alias/Street Name/ Nickname
 Vic/Offender Relationship
 5' 11"
 180 lbs.
 Blue denim
 Soc. Security #
 Navy SEALS tattoo on right biceps
 Injury Extent
 Injury Description
  156 Peyton Circle, Oxford, Mississippi
 Res Phone 234-XXXX
 Bus Phone 915-XXXX
  Maintenance engineer
  University of Mississippi Physical Plant  
 Employer Address
  Rebel Drive
  University, Mississippi

Reporting Officer's Narrative

 REPORTING OFFICER'S NARRATIVE(Brief narrative of the facts surrounding the offense and the arrest.)

R/Is arrived at the Dooley residence, 156 Peyton Circle, at 5:00 p.m. on July 19, 2014, to execute a search warrant in conjunction with the Andrew Fine homicide investigation (Case # 002223-14G-2014).

In the course of executing the search warrant, R/Is located a wristwatch said to belong to Andrew Fine. Upon discovery of the wristwatch, R/Is advised P1 of his rights and placed him under arrest.

R/Is then requested a squad car be dispatched to their location to transport Dooley to the Yoknapatawpha County Detention Center for processing.

Unit # 207 (Officer D. C. Baxter) arrived at the scene at 6:02 p.m. and took custody of Dooley for transport. R/Is departed the scene at 6:15 p.m.

At all times while in custody, the defendant appeared lucid and coherent. The defendant was cooperative and seemed to comprehend what was happening to him.

 DEFENDANT'S VERSION/REMARKS(What did the defendant say?)

Dooley claimed to not know how the watch got into his apartment and said repeatedly that someone was trying to set him up.

During transport to jail subsequent to arrest, Dooley alleged that potentially Andrew Fine had tried to play a trick on him before Fine was killed.

Dooley made no further remarks regarding the offenses he is charged with during the time he was in R/O's presence and/or custody. The defendant cooperated physically and did not resist in any way.

 Unit Number
 Unit Number



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