Liam is the only child of Emmett Sanford and Deirdre Littleton

Liam Sanford bio

Liam Sanford was born on October 17, 2004, in Oxford, Mississippi. He is the only child of Deirdre Littleton and Emmett Sanford. At present, his mother is a receptionist at the Ole Miss Motel, and his father works as a grocer at Kroger.

Liam's childhood epitomized the white-picket-fence, middle-class American stereotype. With parents whose love for him was rivaled only by their love for each other, Liam had everything he ever wanted.

He was baptized as a baby at the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit Church and attended Sunday service regularly for as long as he could remember with his parents. As soon as he was able to walk, Liam began to play sports with his father at the park. At the age of four, Liam's parents enrolled him in guitar lessons. When he turned six, he joined Oxford Little League baseball.

Throughout elementary and middle school, Liam excelled in academics. Teachers described him as a bright, outgoing kid with hopeful prospects. Liam's social life picked up even more in his freshman year at Oxford High School when he made the varsity baseball team and ran for vice president of student government.

Yet in the fall of 2017, Liam's life took an unexpected turn for the worse. After witnessing his parents' once perfect marriage crumble before his eyes, Liam became brooding and withdrawn. His grades took a noticeable dip, and he shut out most of his friends. Only his performance on the baseball team remained unaffected, as it helped ease the woes of his family life.

Liam felt confused and betrayed by his father's affair, sentiments that were aggravated when his father moved out of the house in early 2018. His parents' divorce proceedings and custody battle began shortly afterward. A year later, Deirdre won custody of Liam, though Emmett was granted visitation rights every other weekend.

Liam currently lives at the former Sanford home with his mother, Deirdre Littleton.


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