Canvass – Martinson neighbors

YCSD investigators interviewed the Martinson family's neighbors to find out if they'd seen or heard anything potentially related to the investigation.

The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

118 McRae Drive

Rex Stark
118 McRae Drive

Mr. Stark said he and his wife are members of the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church, but his wife attends services more regularly than he does. Stark said he suffers from unspecified health issues that often disrupt his sleep, which prevents him from attending services as often as his wife would like.

Stark noted that those health issues are why he was awake early Easter Sunday morning and heard Wendell Martinson leave for the church a little before 5:00 a.m. When asked if he actually saw Martinson leaving, Stark clarified that he heard a car that sounded like Martinson's start up and drive away, and Stark assumed it was Wendell Martinson.

124 McRae Drive

Gary Albert
124 McRae Drive

Mr. Albert said he has lived next door to the Martinsons for almost 15 years. Albert characterized the Martinsons as good neighbors who kept their yard neat and didn't make too much noise.

Albert said he is friendly with the Martinsons, but they are not close, in Albert's opinion, because Albert is not a regular churchgoer.

Albert said he had never attended services at the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church.

131 McRae Drive

James Blankenship
131 McRae Drive

Mr. Blankenship said he knew the Martinson family but not well. Blankenship said he and his wife have children approximately the same age as the Martinson boys, so they often saw the Martinsons at school functions and sports events.

Blankenship said he and his family are members of Christ United Methodist Church and had never been to the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Blankenship noted that he had seen a white sedan about ten years old driving very slowly down the street on multiple occasions over the past few months. Blankenship said he had not seen the driver but assumed it was a teenager looking for his daughters or the Martinson boys.


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