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Craig Albright interview #2

Thursday, October 15, 2020 – 11:30 a.m.

Craig Albright and Mee-Yon Kim found Courtney Morris's body when they entered her apartment to check on her.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed him a second time at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Craig Albright

Detective Parker: Thank you for coming in again, Mr. Albright.

Craig Albright: You're not going to keep me here all day again, are you?

Detective Parker: Let's hope that doesn't have to happen.

Detective Murphy: For the record, would you please state your name and address?

Craig Albright: My name is Craig Albright. I live at the Maplewood Apartments, 53 Effie Circle, Apartment 122, Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: When we talked before, you mentioned that Mrs. Roy had called you about someone causing a disturbance the night before Courtney Morris died.

Craig Albright: Yeah.

Detective Murphy: Why don't you tell us more about that?

Craig Albright: I don't know what else to tell. Mrs. Roy called me. I went over there. No one was there. I went home and went back to bed.

Detective Parker: What time did Mrs. Roy call?

Craig Albright: I was asleep when she called. After midnight.

Detective Parker: How long after midnight?

Craig Albright:  Maybe 1:00 or 1:30 a.m.?

Detective Parker: What time did you go to bed that night?

Craig Albright: 11:00 p.m., same as always.

Detective Parker: So you'd been asleep about two hours?

Craig Albright: I guess.

Detective Parker: How long did it take you to get over there after she called?

Craig Albright: 10 minutes, maybe. Could've been 15, but not more than that.

Detective Parker: Why did it take you so long?

Craig Albright: What do you mean "so long"? I had to get dressed and get over there. 10 minutes was pretty darn fast.

Detective Parker: You weren't worried about Mrs. Roy over there waiting for you?

Craig Albright: She was fine. She was inside her apartment.

Detective Parker: How do you know?

Craig Albright: She told me so. She said she was fine, but she wanted me to come see about the young man before someone called the police.

Detective Parker: Why didn't she want anyone to call the police?

Craig Albright: Not my business. She asked me to come, so I went.

Detective Murphy: Do you think she was protecting someone?

Craig Albright: You'd have to ask her.

Detective Murphy: Do you think she knew who the young man was?

Craig Albright: If she did, she didn't tell me.

Detective Parker: So you went over there and?

Craig Albright: The guy was gone. I already told you.

Detective Parker: You didn't see anyone at all?

Craig Albright: No.

Detective Parker: No cars driving away? No people walking by?

Craig Albright: No one. I told you. And people think I'm stupid.

Detective Parker: Did you tell Mrs. Roy the young man was gone?

Craig Albright: Nope. Didn't see any lights on at her place, so I figured she'd gone back to bed.

Detective Parker: What did you do then?

Craig Albright: There wasn't any reason to hang around, so I went home and went back to bed.

Detective Parker: Anything else wake you up that night?

Craig Albright: Nope.

Detective Murphy: Walk us through what you did on Sunday.

Craig Albright: Miss Mee-Yon came over about 3:15, 3:20 p.m. She wanted me to let her into Miss Courtney's apartment because she was worried something had happened to her.

Detective Murphy: What about before that?

Craig Albright: How much before that?

Detective Murphy: From the time you woke up until Mee-Yon arrived.

Craig Albright: Slept late after running around in the middle of the night. Didn't wake up until almost 7:00. Showered, made breakfast. Two pieces of French toast, two sausage patties, and a glass of orange juice. That's what I eat for breakfast on Sundays.

Detective Murphy: You have that every Sunday?

Craig Albright: Something wrong with that?

Detective Murphy: No. What did you do after breakfast?

Craig Albright: Chores.

Detective Murphy: Like what?

Craig Albright: Chores. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, laundry. Chores.

Detective Murphy: Did you see or talk to anyone?

Craig Albright: Nope. Not till lunch. Mrs. Baxter always calls at the worst time. Made me burn my grilled cheese.

Detective Murphy: Yes, I believe you mentioned that. What did she want?

Craig Albright: Wanted me to come work on her sink. Clogged again. I don't know what's wrong with that woman.

Detective Murphy: So did you go over there?

Craig Albright: No, she wanted me to come over later that afternoon, and … well, that didn't happen, which you already know.

Detective Parker: Did you go over to Courtney Morris's apartment any time on Sunday other than when you went with Mee-Yon?

Craig Albright: I already told you no. I didn't see Miss Courtney at all that day until it was too late. What else do you want to know? I've got to get out of here.

Detective Parker: Are you upset about something, Mr. Albright?

Craig Albright: Am I upset? A young woman is dead way before her time, and instead of catching the bastard who killed her, you're asking me stupid questions about when I sleep and what I eat. I have better things to do, and so do you.

Detective Parker: Okay, if you need to go, we can understand that. If we need to ask you any more stupid questions, you'll be available?

Craig Albright: Yeah, yeah.

Detective Murphy: Just before you get out the door, Mr. Albright, have you ever met Mrs. Roy's grandson?

Craig Albright: Dylan? Yeah, I've met him.

Detective Murphy: When?

Craig Albright: I don't know. Kid's always around.

Detective Murphy: Always?

Craig Albright: I don't know. On the weekends, I guess. He's probably in school during the week.

Detective Murphy: What do you think of him?

Craig Albright: I don't know. He's a kid.

Detective Murphy: Has he ever caused any trouble that you know of?

Craig Albright: No.

Detective Murphy: Do you think he could've been the young man Mrs. Roy called you about that Saturday night?

Craig Albright: Not from what I've seen, but you never know what people are going to do.

Detective Murphy: Thanks for your time, Mr. Albright. Can we get an officer to take you home?

Craig Albright: No, I've got my truck. I have some errands to run.

Detective Murphy: All right then. Thanks again for coming in.

Interview ended – 11:51 a.m.



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