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Dylan Roy interview

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 – 4:00 p.m.

Dylan Roy is the grandson of Courtney Morris's neighbor Phyllis Roy and reportedly had a crush on the victim.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Dylan Roy

Detective Parker: Hi, Dylan. Thank you for coming in.

Dylan Roy: Uh-huh. Sure.

Detective Parker: Can you please state your name and address for the record?

Dylan Roy: Dylan Roy. I live at 206 Longest Road.

Detective Parker: Is that in Oxford?

Dylan Roy: Yes, ma'am.

Detective Parker: How old are you?

Dylan Roy: I’m 18.

Detective Parker: Do you go to school or do you work?

Dylan Roy: I go to Yokanaptawpha High School. I’m a senior.

Detective Murphy: What kind of extracurricular activities are you involved in?

Dylan Roy: I'm in the band.

Detective Murphy: Oh, yeah? What do you play?

Dylan Roy: Trombone.

Detective Murphy: Any other extracurriculars?

Dylan Roy: I'm on the yearbook.

Detective Murphy: What about outside of school?

Dylan Roy: Like what?

Detective Murphy: Are you in a church choir? Or are you a Boy Scout? Do you play a sport?

Dylan Roy: No, none of those.

Detective Parker: Dylan, did you know Courtney Morris?

Dylan Roy: Yeah. She lived in the same apartment complex as my grandma.

Detective Parker: How long have you known her?

Dylan Roy: About a year, I guess.

Detective Parker: Can you describe your relationship with Ms. Morris?

Dylan Roy: Relationship?

Detective Parker: Yes. Were you friends? Did you ever go out with her?

Dylan Roy: Oh. We were just friends, I guess. I mean, we talked and all whenever I saw her over by my grandma's. She was really nice.

Detective Parker: I see. And did the two of you ever date?

Dylan Roy: No. She had a boyfriend already.

Detective Parker: You say that like you're disappointed.

Dylan Roy: Oh. I didn't mean to.

Detective Parker: Were you disappointed? That she already had a boyfriend?

Dylan Roy: I guess so. She was just really cool. Plus, that guy she was dating was a jerk.

Detective Parker: Who's that?

Dylan Roy: Justin Landry. He's some big college jock.

Detective Parker: Did it make you mad that Courtney was going out with him?

Dylan Roy: Yeah, I guess so. He didn't deserve her.

Detective Murphy: What makes you say that?

Dylan Roy: She was nice, and he isn’t.

Detective Murphy: He wasn’t nice to her, or he wasn’t nice to you?

Dylan Roy: Like if he was there when I was talking to Courtney, he was all like protective or whatever. Like who is he to tell her who she can talk to?

Detective Parker: Dylan, did you ever ask Courtney out or give her any presents?

Dylan Roy: I invited her to the movies once, but she was already busy.

Detective Parker: Did you ever give her any presents?

Dylan Roy: No.

Detective Parker: A necklace, maybe?

Dylan Roy: Uh-uh, no.

Detective Murphy: Dylan, where were you Saturday night?

Dylan Roy: I was at my friend Mike Parsons's house. We were playing video games.

Detective Murphy: Until what time?

Dylan Roy: Midnight or something.

Detective Murphy: And then what did you do?

Dylan Roy: I went home, went to bed.

Detective Murphy: How did you get home?

Dylan Roy: I walked. He just lives a few blocks from my house.

Detective Murphy: On Longest Road?

Dylan Roy: He lives on Eagle Springs. It's just around the corner.

Detective Parker: Dylan, were you near the apartment complex where Ms. Morris and your grandmother live on Saturday night?

Dylan Roy: No, ma’am.

Detective Parker: We know that somebody was near Courtney's apartment sometime after midnight Saturday night, yelling outside her window. If you're lying to us and we find out it was you, you will face some serious charges. Do you understand?

Dylan Roy: Yes, ma'am.

Detective Parker: So I'm going to ask you one more time if you were outside Courtney's apartment that night.

Dylan Roy: No, I swear. I wasn't.

Detective Parker: You were not?

Dylan Roy: No, I didn't even have my car that night, and it's like five miles from my house. I was not at her apartment or in the parking lot or whatever. I swear.

Detective Parker: Do you know who was?

Dylan Roy: No. I don't.

Detective Parker: Okay. Thank you for answering our questions truthfully, Dylan.

Dylan Roy: Sure. I mean, yes, ma'am. Of course.

Interview ended – 4:21 p.m.





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