Man with very short, light-brown hair and facial hair

Terry Hinson interview

Monday, October 12, 2020 – 1:15 p.m.

Terry Hinson owns and operates Mother's Garden florist shop at 2138 Jackson Avenue West.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed him at his shop.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Terry Hinson

Detective Murphy: Good afternoon. Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Terry Hinson: Terry Hinson, 445 Anchorage Road, Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: You told the other officers about the sale you made of six long-stemmed roses last weekend. Could you tell us about it?

Terry Hinson: Sure. It was Saturday afternoon late, just before we closed.

Detective Parker: This past Saturday, the 10th?

Terry Hinson: That's right. He wanted the six roses delivered on Sunday morning, but we don't do deliveries on Sunday.

Detective Parker: You told him that?

Terry Hinson: Of course.

Detective Parker: What did he say?

Terry Hinson: He offered to pay double if we'd deliver them anyway. I told him I was sorry, but we just couldn't do it. I offered to deliver them first thing Monday morning, but he wasn't interested in that.

Detective Murphy: But you did sell six long-stemmed red roses that day?

Terry Hinson: Yes, he still bought them.

Detective Parker: How did he pay for them?

Terry Hinson: Cash.

Detective Murphy: What haven't you told us?

Terry Hinson: I don't want her to get in trouble.

Detective Murphy: Who?

Terry Hinson: One of my delivery people.

Detective Murphy: Did she do anything criminal?

Terry Hinson: Not that I know of.

Detective Murphy: So why the concern?

Terry Hinson: She may have accepted a cash payment off the books.

Detective Murphy: We don't care about that.

Terry Hinson: You're sure?

Detective Murphy: You have my word. If the IRS ever comes around with questions, it won't be because of this.

Terry Hinson: Okay, well, Jenna Mayne is one of my part-timers. She was working deliveries on Saturday, and I saw Mr. Talbot talking to her.

Detective Parker: And?

Terry Hinson: And Jenna is the one who came by on Sunday morning and picked up the roses he bought.

Detective Parker: Why do you think she did that?

Terry Hinson: I don't know anything definitely, but if I had to guess, I'd say Mr. Talbot paid her to deliver them Sunday morning.

Detective Murphy: You said he paid cash. How do you know his name?

Terry Hinson: This is a little awkward.

Detective Murphy: Go on.

Terry Hinson: He sends flowers to his wife every Monday. He has an account with us.

Detective Murphy: But he paid cash this time?

Terry Hinson: Yes.

Detective Murphy: Did he pay cash other times?

Terry Hinson: Yes.

Detective Murphy: How often?

Terry Hinson: I couldn't say.

Detective Murphy: Yes, you can. How often?

Terry Hinson: Once a week, usually. For the last year or so.

Detective Parker: Were those cash purchases delivered?

Terry Hinson: Usually.

Detective Parker: To one address or several?

Terry Hinson: Just one.

Detective Parker: You have that address?

Terry Hinson: Of course.

Detective Parker: This is the part where you tell us what that address is.

Terry Hinson: I don't know. Our customers rely on our discretion.

Detective Parker: There's no florist-client confidentiality, so just tell us. We could get a warrant, but then this would all be a matter of public record, and none of us wants that, do we?

Terry Hinson: Oh, all right. I need to look it up in the computer here. Is that okay?

Detective Parker: Sure. Go ahead.

Terry Hinson: Here it is. The address is 53 Effie Circle, #102.

Detective Parker: The name?

Terry Hinson: It says here … C. Morris.

Detective Parker: No first name?

Terry Hinson: No. I'm sorry. He never told us.

Detective Murphy: Why did he use his account for some purchases and pay cash for others?

Terry Hinson: It's obvious, isn't it?

Detective Murphy: Is it?

Terry Hinson: In my business, it usually means the cash purchases are going to a girlfriend or mistress.

Detective Parker: Usually?

Terry Hinson: Mr. Talbot may not be the only person in town who sometimes sends flowers to more than one person.

Detective Murphy: But for today, we're only interested in Mr. Talbot. Is that why he does it?

Terry Hinson: I don't know. He never said. But if I had to guess, I'd say yes.

Detective Parker: Does he come in the store to place his orders?

Terry Hinson: The cash ones, yes. The others he sometimes does on the phone and sometimes in person.

Detective Parker: Can you describe him?

Terry Hinson: He's tall, dark hair, middle-aged, usually in a suit.

Detective Parker: And since he has an account with you, you can give us his contact information: address, phone number?

Terry Hinson: Sure. I can just print it out from the computer file if that's okay?

Detective Murphy: While you're at it, why don't you go ahead and print out Jenna Mayne's contact information too.

Terry Hinson: Okay.

Detective Parker: Is Jenna working today?

Terry Hinson: No, she's off today. She'll be in tomorrow.

Detective Murphy: Does Mr. Talbot send flowers to anyone else? You mentioned his wife and this C. Morris.

Terry Hinson: Not on a regular basis.

Detective Murphy: What does that mean?

Terry Hinson: He sends flowers to his wife every week like I told you. And sends them to Miss Morris—

Detective Murphy: C. Morris is a woman?

Terry Hinson: I'm assuming. Anyway, he sends C. Morris flowers not as often, but pretty regularly. Other than that, it's just the usual occasional stuff.

Detective Parker: Meaning?

Terry Hinson: He sends flowers on Mother's Day, Secretaries Day, funerals, his anniversary, the usual stuff.

Detective Murphy: When was the last time you saw him?

Terry Hinson: Last Saturday.

Detective Parker: You haven't seen him since then?

Terry Hinson: No. We sent his usual delivery to his wife today, but he called that in this morning.

Detective Murphy: Was there anything unusual about the order for his wife today?

Terry Hinson: No. Same address, same kind of flowers, same everything.

Detective Murphy: Does he send her roses too?

Terry Hinson: Sometimes, but lately he's been sending calla lilies in a variety of colors. He says they're her favorites.

Detective Parker: Did he ever say anything about C. Morris? Why he sent her roses or what their relationship was?

Terry Hinson: No, and we don't ask those kinds of questions unless the customer asks for our help choosing what type of flowers to send.

Detective Parker: And he never did that?

Terry Hinson: No, he always knows exactly what he wants.

Detective Murphy: Okay. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Mr. Hinson. We really appreciate it.

Terry Hinson: I hope something I said was helpful. We're big fans of local law enforcement here. We even offer a discount, in case you ever want to buy flowers.

Detective Parker: That's very nice of you. I don't think we need any flowers today.

Terry Hinson: Of course, but when you do, we'll be here. Tell your friends at the Sheriff's Department.

Interview ended – 10:32 a.m.



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