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Justin Landry

Justin Landry was born February 14, 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia, to Jacob and Dinah Landry. Justin was the third child for Jacob and Dinah. He has two older siblings, twins Charles and Charlotte.

After working for several years as a registered nurse, Dinah retired when she had the twins because she didn't want someone else to take care of her children. Fortunately for the young family, Jacob ran a successful business selling imported furniture. He could support the family on his income alone, so Dinah was able to stay home with the children.

When the twins were born, Dinah suffered complications, and the doctors told her she wouldn't be able to conceive another child. To the couple's surprise, seven years later, she found herself pregnant again, and soon Justin arrived on the scene.

From the first day of his life, Justin was adored and spoiled rotten by the twins and his parents. Perhaps because of their doting, Justin developed a short temper and threw tantrums if he didn't get his way.

During his high school years, Justin excelled in sports. He was offered a football scholarship to several colleges, and he chose the University of Mississippi.

He met Courtney Morris in a math class at Ole Miss and was smitten at first sight. Soon he worked up his nerve and asked her out. They have been seeing each other ever since, sometimes exclusively and sometimes not.


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I agree , knowing he has a temper , was spoiled and had tantrums he is definitely someone to consider as a suspect

  Sarah lafountain
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Short tempered, k this guy is definitely a suspect

  Dan West
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