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Craig Albright

Craig Albright was born on May 19, 1962. His parents, George and Elaine, were in their 50s at the time and were surprised but thrilled by the birth of their only child.

Elaine resigned from her position at Yoknapatawpha Public Library to care for Craig while George supported the family as an electrician.

From the time he started school, Craig always struggled. He made Ds and the rare C in most subjects, and ultimately, he was diverted to special education classes. The one bright spot was that he was good with his hands and did well in Art and vocational courses like Shop.

Craig dropped out of school in the tenth grade and went to work for a local handyman his father knew. It was the first in a succession of jobs he had over the next three decades. Craig was a hard worker, but in every position, he eventually made a mistake that his boss or his coworkers couldn't understand, and Craig couldn't explain. Sometimes he got into fights because of it, and sometimes he just walked off the job and never went back.

In 2009, he was hired as the maintenance man at Maplewood Apartments. His boss recognized Craig's strengths and encouraged him to focus on them. Craig thrived under his supervisor's mentoring and has stayed with the company longer than he's ever done anything in his life. Eventually, Craig was promoted to the position of manager, which gives him an apartment on the property in addition to his salary.

Craig has always felt awkward around women and has never married.


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awkward man probably couldve had connection to victim. Time to interrogate

  Dan West
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