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Analysis: Serology

     ** RUSH **


Case Description:
Devlin Beauchamp death investigation

Case #

Investigative Agency:
Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s):
Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong

Evidence items including potential blunt force instruments collected from the crime scene were analyzed for the presence of blood with the results shown.

Note: Some findings have been condensed and/or simplified for inclusion in this report.

Ground Floor

Room #1-3 – Kitchen
Evidence # & Description Preliminary Findings
002547-001: One (1) drinking glass found in sink Positive for trace amounts of human blood type O+ on outside of glass
  • DNA analysis pending
002547-002: One (1) rolling pin - wood, approx. 24" long Negative for human blood
002547-003: One (1) pepper mill - wood, approx. 36" long Negative for human blood
Room 1-4 – Pantry/Storage
Evidence # & Description Preliminary Findings
002547-005: One (1) string mop Negative for human blood
002547-006: One (1) straw broom Negative for human blood
002547-007: One (1) plastic dustpan Negative for human blood
002547-008: One (1) vacuum cleaner Negative for human blood
  • Comparison of contents to evidence collected at the scene is ongoing
002547-009: One (1) baseball bat - wood Negative for human blood
002547-010: One (1) baseball bat - aluminum Negative for human blood

Second Floor

Room #2-2 – Master Bathroom
Evidence # & Description Preliminary Findings
002547-017 through 002547-018: Two (2) 4 oz. samples of liquid from bathtub Positive for human blood type O+, urine and fecal matter
  • DNA analysis pending
002547-019: One (1) blue hand towel with red stains Positive for human blood type O+
  • DNA analysis pending
002547-024: One (1) plywood bathtub desk, 36" X 14" The blood spatter pattern observed is consistent with multiple medium-velocity (25-75 feet/sec) blows.
  • Six castoff trails were observed.


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