Letters from Devlin's attorney


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 002547-21E-2023
Case Description: Devlin Beauchamp death investigation

During the search of Devlin Beauchamp's home following his death, two letters addressed to Mr. Beauchamp from his attorney, W. Ronald Douglas, Esq., were found in the desk drawer of Mr. Beauchamp's study. The text of the two letters is presented below.

Letter #1

YCSD Evidence #002547-012-43

Law Offices of W. Ronald Douglas, Esq.
1102 Van Buren Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655

February 8, 2023


Regarding our telephone conversation about the woman "Natalie," as you have given me very few specifics of the situation, I can only advise you in a general manner at this time.

If you believe you have evidence that a person living in this community is a fugitive, you may have certain legal obligations to notify proper authorities. However, if your belief is substantially based on suspicion and conjecture, your responsibilities are less clear.

Until you feel able to tell me more details, I can only give you a recommendation based on the limited information available to me.

If your theory is founded on hearsay and lacks any objective evidence, your best strategy may be to avoid future contact with this woman. However, if you feel this woman presents a threat to you now or if she becomes a threat in the future, I urge you to contact me immediately so we can take measures to protect your interests.

From what you've told me, Devlin, you are in a very delicate situation. As your friend and your attorney, I hope you will take extreme care in any future interaction with this woman. For your own protection, if anything at all changes, please get in touch with me right away.



W. Ronald Douglas
Attorney at Law

Letter #2

YCSD Evidence #002547-012-44

Law Offices of W. Ronald Douglas, Esq.
1102 Van Buren Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655

May 9, 2023


Since our meeting yesterday, I have been investigating your options in the Natalie Posner situation. Because the circumstances have escalated to the degree you described, prompt action is warranted.

I realize that notifying the authorities of this woman's whereabouts is not your preference, Devlin, but it is your best and possibly only alternative at this point because this situation cannot go on unchecked. I suggest we begin preparations to take the appropriate action before the Memorial Day holiday. Please contact my office to schedule an appointment for early next week. At that meeting, I hope you will tell me the alias the Posner woman is using in Oxford, as that information is critical to my ability to protect your interests.

This is an unpleasant and unfortunate circumstance you are in, by no fault of your own. However, you cannot continue to ignore it and hope it will go away, as you have been. It should be clear to you now that this strategy will not work.

I urge you to contact me as soon as possible so that we can proceed. Please don't put yourself at risk, Devlin, by delaying too long. I'll be waiting for your call.



W. Ronald Douglas
Attorney at Law


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